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The 11 Masters

The 11 Masters unveiled

The 11 Masters in their combat forms

The 11 Planetary Masters of Sol (ソール11遊星主 Sol Jūichi Yūseishu) were the primary antagonists of the OVA sequel series King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL. Created under the direction of Abel, they were a series of programs given material form—each powered by a Loud G-Stone—whose sole purpose was to restore the Trinary Solar System upon the destruction of the Z-Master Program. However, much like the Z-Master, they had gone out of control and exceeded their original programming, using their dark matter-absorbing "Pas-Q Machine" to produce a system that threatened to destroy Earth. Each of the Masters is a direct counterpart to one of the protagonists, some more obviously than others. Proceeding clockwise from the bottom center, the membership of the Masters is as follows: