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31 Machine Primevals

The 31 Machine Primevals (機界31原種 Kikai Sanichi Genshū, mechanical realm 31 origin species) were the individual components of the Z-Master Program and progenitors of the Zonderians, appearing on Earth following the destruction of EI-01. They are described as individually having powers and abilities exceeding those of all Zonderians (save for possibly those of EI-01 itself). Each is capable of developing Zonder Metal at will (quantity and rate apparently limited to size of form), and can perform Primeval Fusion with one another to increase their powers even further.

When Purification is performed on a Primeval, its form is reduced to that of a Z Crystal, a dormant component of the Master Program, appearing as an interlocking piece of a sphere-shaped object.

If all 31 Zonder Crystals are combined with at least one Primeval still active, they will take the form of the Z-Master. The Master Program may only be destroyed if all Zonder Crystals are both combined and inactive.

All Primevals are identified by GGG using the code "ZX" (Pronounced "Zex" and standing for "Zonder Exceptional"). Each Primeval is formally named for one body part as below, though most Primevals were not formally named in the television series; a complete list of names would appear later in official sources.

Following the Zonderian's defeat, their superiors, the 31 Machine Primevals, appear to finish the job their servants could not complete. In their first appearance, three Primevals easily defeat GaoGaiGar and even destroy GGG's underwater base. After the reveal of GGG's Orbital base, the Primevals would alternately attempt to either attack the orbital base, or cause cataclysmic effects to the Earth, thereby forcing Humanity to accept the Zonder Metal to survive.

Each Primeval represents a particular body part, and has some special ability linked to that organ.