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Behemoth's attack

Glowing green mushrooms - Behemoth's naural predator

A creature found in the Ajanta Caves of India. UMA clones were created by Dr. Umezaki from the Biotechnology Provision Laboratory.

When rumors of a strange creature named the Behemoth began to surface, Akamatsu Industries was quick to arrive. When entering the cave systems, all of the people were put into an almost hypnotic trance by the Behemoth's sounds, making them hallucinate things from their past. In the confusion, Keita and Hinoki got seperated from the others and ran into the towering Behemoth, but before the monster could attack the two teenagers, Betterman arrived on cue and transformed into Nebula. Despite the dragon's great strength, it was no match for the Behemoth. The elephant monster impaled the hero with its tusk and managed to block the psycho voice with its own sound waves. Confused by the blocking attack, Lamia was powerless when the Behemoth leaped into the air and crash landed on the creature, rapidly smashing its fists onto the head of Nebula before ripping it off. Luckily, Lamia survived but was knocked out, and Keita and Hinoki managed to catch up with the rest.

As the group tried to escape, the Behemoth once again rose up, but just as it began to use its sound waves once more, Lamia once again appeared to do battle, this time morphing into Forte. The elephant charged forward, but the overwhelming strength of Betterman's newest transformation allowed it to completely shatter one of its tusks and then lift it up, throwing it dozens of yards away. As the humans once again ran, the dragon unleashed its Psycho Glory, an attack that completely vaporized the huge Behemoth, but this was not the end of the powerful beast, more were being created, while an even stronger version was in the works.