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Big Volfogg (ビッグボルフォッグ Biggu Borufoggu?) is the combined form of Volfogg and the two GunMachinesGunDober & GunGlue, formed through Sanmiitai (三位一体 Trinity?).




As his combined form with his GunMachines, all of Volfogg's abilities and attacks are enhanced and strengthened.

  • Melting Siren: Based on Galeon's roar, this attack disrupts Zonder barrier systems. This attack is enhanced while as Big Volfogg with the addition of GunDober's & GunGlue's own sirens - it may now extend to further distances to the sides and therefore cover more ground.
  • 4000 Magnum: GunDober's four exhausts each assault opponents with a heavy, in-chorus rapid-fire barrage of 1000 rounds.
  • Murasame Sword: A close-range attack from GunGlue's rotor. The rotor spins and Big Volfogg uses it to cut through oppoents.
    • Murasame Shield: Big Volfogg's Murasame Sword is shown to be able to double as a shield.
  • Great Revolution Magic Bullet (Daikaiten Madan): Covers himself in Mirror Coating, revolves his body and throws Kunais from every direction.
    • Great Revolution Big Magic Bullet (Daikaiten Daimadan): A variation of "Great Revolution Magic Bullet"; Big Volfogg revolves his body and rams into opponents repeatedly.
  • Super Clone Death Art: Seperates into Volfogg and the GunMachines, who all attack opponents repeatedly at high-speeds. Volfogg throws his Silver Moons into enemies, then rejoins with the GunMachines to reassemble Big Volfogg, whose Murasame Sword slices opponents.