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BioNet (バイオネット Bionetto?) is an international crime syndicate.

The organization has been active for at least fourteen years, as Koutarou Taiga and Geki Hyumma fought them a decade before GGG was founded. Though Bionet mostly remained underground during the events of the TV series, they re-emerged shortly after Mamrou left Earth, leading GGG (with help from the French defense organization Chasseur) to re-focus their efforts on stopping them. The mobile unit, along with Gai and GaoFighgar, fought Bionet on multiple occasions.

The full extent of their resources is unknown, but they seem to have access to cutting-edge technology that rivals that of GGG. They are able to turn humans into cyborgs, and some Bionet members are Super AI robots like the GGG mobile unit.

They are responsible for turning Renee Cardiff Shishio into a cyborg, killing her mother before her eyes and kidnapping her at a young age. Renee rebelled against them, however, joining Chasseur and becoming arguably Bionet's greatest enemy.

The first episode of Gaogaigar FINAL chronicles a large scale battle between Chasseur (assisted by GGG) and Bionet. During the struggle, a Bionet robot stole a Q-Part in Paris and used it to become a super-mechanoid. He was defeated by GaoFighGar, but it was Renee who killed him. There is also a reference to a previous battle between Gai and Bionet in Hong Kong.

Though not as great a threat to Earth as the Zondars or the Sol Masters, Bionet's tenacity and cunning make them a dangerous foe. They have the distinction of being the only major enemies in Gaogaigar who are never fully defeated, as the organization is still at large at the end of GaoGaiGar FINAL.