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GaoFighGar's Broken Phantom

Originally used with Star GaoGaiGar, Broken Phantom has come to be the term for any upgraded version of a Broken Magnum attack. Broken Phantom is characterized by greater control in space and a wider effective damage radius upon enemy contact.

The original, used by Star GaoGaiGar, uses a Phantom Ring leashed around the right nacelle of StealthGao II that is released with a cry of "Phantom Ring! Plus!" - this increases the buildup time of the attack, but triples the radius of Broken Magnum and gives it much higher control in direction. Unfortunately, the Phantom Ring is prone to destruction, and the move becomes extremely long to execute. GaoFighGar solves this problem by using a Program Ring deployed from the abdominal cavity of PhantomGao. This version has a damage radius on impact twice as wide as the Phantom Ring version, and cannot be destroyed due to being made of energy. Also, unlike previous Broken Magnum attacks, Guy simply rears back and punches rather than holding his arm upwards before attacking - this allows Broken Phantom to be performed much more quickly with little to no telegraphing.