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Cain (カイン Kain?) was the leader of the Green Planet, the father of Latio, and the creator of Galeon, the G-Stone, and the Genesic Machines. Cain's technology is used by both Earth and the Red Planet to fight against the berserk Z-Master program.

Cain constructed the G-Stones and transcribed a portion of his awareness into his creation, the mechanoid lion Galeon, and sent his son to the Blue Planet to avoid mechanization by the 31 Machine Primevals. He originally intended for himself to conduct Fusion with Galeon, but was forced by circumstances to instead become embedded in its Super-AI. This AI was copied at least once - the resulting backup was stored in the G-Crystal in the event of damage to Galeon. Cain's personality fragment, designed to restore Mamoru's memories of childhood, was damaged during Galeon's descent to Earth, and would not be repaired permanently until Galeon returned to the G-Crystal. Before that, it was temporarily restored by GaoGaiGar's immersion in The Power.

Cain, as one of the Green Planet's people, possessed flight and numerous abilities, including "Two Powers into One". However, unlike Mamoru, he was not able to detect or purify Zonders.

He was reproduced by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol program as Pei La Cain.