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A mysterious woman with long (blond?) hair who appears numerous times in the final three episodes of King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, in addition to one speaking line in Final 05. Only shown in a frequently-repeated image with Cain, soothing a baby Latio. Appears to also be the Super-AI for the G-Crystal, due to the nature of her speaking lines. In particular, the one in Final 05 is (unknown to the viewer) a progress report on the restoration of Galeon, and the one in Final 06 is clearly shown to be coming from the Genesic Drive crystal that Mikoto Utsugi smashes her hand into. In her relatively few speaking lines, she often repeats the same dialogue - a message that destruction is the start for a new hope from zero, the challenge that infinite possibility brings. Cain's wife likely would have served a similar role to Mikoto had Cain been the one to pilot Galeon as he originally intended. Her age, identity, and history are all unknown, though she was a being of the Green Planet and likely met her end at the hands of the Zonder threat.

Cain's wife has a deep connection to Mikoto for reasons as of yet unexplained. In addition to the fact that Mikoto seems to be the only one who can hear her words, Mikoto actually becomes Cain's wife for the last few frames of her last scene. Whether this will be elaborated on further in future GaoGaiGar works is unknown.