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Dimension Pliers

A trio of simple-AI robots designed by NASA for use with GaoGaiGar. Individually, the Pliers seem to possess no real abilities, but together they take the form of either a long-handled pair of pliers or a two-handed version that connects over each of GaoGaiGar's arms. The Pliers are able to erase dimensional spaces, which takes the appearance of literally grabbing the space in question with the Pliers and throwing it away. One of the Pliers appears to have a somewhat clumsy AI, and acts as comic relief by falling over, etc, on route to GaoGaiGar. The Pliers communicate in bleeps, and have little more than basic Three Laws programming installed (though they are seen waving GGG off in episode 3 of FINAL).

The Pliers can also perform a combination attack when they combine into a single long plier and spin/ram into an enemy

The three Pliers were later mass-produced as part of the Carpenters.