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EI-02 was a "Garbage Amalgam Robo" created by the Four Machine Kings' infusion

of Zonder Metal into Kinzou Kodakarayama. The Zonder used a pair of beam weapons attached to its arms; a freezing beam (generated by many freezers and air conditioners) and a heat ray (made up of many microwaves) to attack. It could also transform into a train as a means of escape. Its head design was based off the race horse that Kinzou had bet on and lost, something that was key to GGG's eventual determination that Zonder Metal was powered by stress. It was quickly dispatched by GaoGaiGar, marking the beginning of open war against the Zonder threat.

EI-02's head

Additionally, as a sort of a weakness, whenever it would use its microwave rays, its eyes would glow in a metallic pink a second before, giving its opponent a brief time to run from it. However, no characters used this against it, and no EIs after it had any similar weaknesses.

A clip of EI-02 being punched in the face was tributed in the final fight against Palparepa Prajna. A different shot of GaiGar jumping over EI-02's beam attacks was tributed during the fight with Zonuda.

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