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EI-07, alternatively known as "Tanker Robo", was created by Pinchernone's infusion of Zonder Metal into a depressed ship's captain who was fired after his ship ran aground. This Zonder towered with an impressive height of 500 meters tall and had appendages protruding from various parts of its body. While stationed in the docks, it absorbed aproximately 100,000 gallons of gasoline to ensure that it could still take out its intended target even if it was destroyed during fight.

GGG dispatched GaoGaiGar, HyoRyu and EnRyu to eradicate the Zonder threat and make sure it couldn't get out of the docks. However this task proved difficult as EI-07 had too much fuel inside of it meaning that the smallest of sparks would ignite the entire docks, HyoRyu and EnRyu put out the fires on the docks while GaoGaiGar dealt with the Zonder Robo. Using a Broken Magnum he was able to lure it into the open ocean and use the Dividing Driver to prevent it from escaping, despite of having it trapped in the battle zone, it still couldn't be destroyed not even with Hell and Heaven for if it was used against it, the shock waves would still be strong enough to mortally wound Guy inside GaoGaiGar. This did not deter his decision and used Hell and Heaven on the downed Tanker Robo either way. HyoRyu and EnRyu managed to fill their SympaRate to combine into ChoRyuJin, inmediately using the recently-created Eraser Head missile to absorb all of the energy from the explosion and save GaoGaiGar from the collateral damage of his achievement.