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EI 19




The result of the combination between a Zonder and a science laboratory, EI-19, also known as "Science Lab Robo." EI-19 emerged during the kids' science class and held them as hostages during almost the entire operation which caused Big Volfogg to strain himself with his attacks to avoid causing harm to the kids. GaoGaiGar, HyoRyu and EnRyu were dispatched to assist him. Big Volfogg was barely able to hold his own against it, the Zonder then lifted off the ground with added propulsion from the science labs' chemical burners and attempted to crush him, but was saved by HyoRyu and EnRyu rushing into the scene at the last minute to stop EI-19 from smashing the Ninja Officer. This attempt eventually proved to be in vain, however, as they were shocked by EI-19 and were trapped by his massive weight underneath him.

GaoGaiGar used the Dividing Driver to create a battle zone, freeing his friends from the Science Lab Robo. Big Volfogg then attempted to distract the Zonder while GGG managed to figure out how to free the kids from it. Finally they reached the solution and launched the Goldion Hammer, GaoGaiGar moved in for the attack while Big Volfogg prepared to launch from ChoRyuJin's ladder launchers. At the last minute, Big Volfogg sweeped past the Zonder as it was turned into light by the Goldion Hammer and managed to snatch the kids out of EI-19, before the Zonder was fully destroyed by GaoGaiGar putting an end to the threat.