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EI-26 info

The result of Zonderian Machine King Pizza, fused with a supersonic transport called the "HST" (landing at Haneda Airport) to create a Zonderian Robo. He took this form specifically to deter GGG and GaoGaiGar long enough for the Tokyo Zonder Metal Plant to complete. The already impressive speed displayed by the supersonic transport plane combined with the mechanical enhancements provided by Pizza made this foe almost untounchable in flight. It also used the air currents as an advantage to increase its already nearly unmatchable speed.

GaoGaiGar went on to settle the score between him and Pizza, combining with Goldymarg to defeat him once and for all. However the massive weight provided by the Goldion Hammer made it extremely difficult for GaoGaiGar to land a blow on EI-26 and making himself a very easy target for the supersonic Zonder. EI-26 landed an almost crippling blow to GaoGaiGar, shooting him down from the air, this however allowed Guy to realize that EI-26 was taking advantage of the air currents to increase his speed and mobility.

GaoGaiGar took to the skies once more but EI-26 attempted to shoot him down again, GaoGaiGar managed to see an opening and latched onto one of EI-26's wings and delivered a crippling blow which severely diminished the Zonder's speed and agility. Using this as an advantage, GaoGaiGar struck EI-26 with the Goldion Hammer and knocked Pizza out of his Zonderian body one last time.

Super Robot Wars[]

EI-26 appears as a unit in Super Robot Wars games, usually as a boss. However, in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 it can be acquired as a temporary secret unit by doing the following

  • Taking the Mikene route during stage 46
  • Defeat Pizza with Guy on Scenario 51: Mechanical Reincarnation -Conclusion, or Scenario 56: Mechanized World: Last Part.

EI-26 will then join as a reinforcements on the second part of the scenario step two was completed, but will leave when the scenario is finished