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Episode FINAL of FINAL Mythology (神話 Maisorojii?) is fifty-one minutes long, as opposed to the normal half-hour length of King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL episodes. It chronicles the individual fights, where GGG fares well initially against each of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. However, the Masters are capable of regenerating infinitely, and ultimately manage to overpower the heroes. After Mamoru figures out the Loud G-Stone, each member of the Mobile Unit receives this information and uses their desperation attacks, most of which were formerly only listed in tech specs, and emerges victorious. Guy manages to defeat the powered-up Palparepa even after he undergoes yet another transformation, and reveals that the G-Stones are gems of life that convert courage into energy. Against this power, the Loud G-Stones that power the Masters lose their strength. The Masters' Regeneration Machine, controlled by Pisa Sol, proceeds to duplicate all the destroyed Masters a hundred times over. This temporarily drains its stored power, giving GGG the opportunity they need to use their ultimate weapon, the Goldion Crusher, to destroy it and thus end the menace of the Masters. Unfortunately, GGG is faced with the discovery that the replica universe is collapsing, and the only chance for escape lies with J-Ark's two remaining ES Missiles. In the end, Mamoru and Kaidou are sent in out of the system, bidding tearful farewells to their comrades. Upon their return to Earth, Mamoru, Kaidou and Hana create a memorial to honor GGG's sacrifice. The final moment of the episode closes with the narrator saying that we all hope and believe that GGG will return again someday.