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Final 04 Cover

FINAL.04: 勇者王! 最期の刻; The King of Braves' Last Stand!

Episode 4 sees GGG arrive in the Trinary Solar System to find a replica of Earth - like all the previous replicants, this is an off-color version. Its only inhabitant is a replica of Papillon Noir, who reveals that this replica of Earth was created moments prior to her original's death by a misfire of the Pas-Q Machine. As it is only part of the complete regeneration machine, the Pas-Q Machine can only produce imperfect duplicates. Papillon was the only human duplicate that was stable enough to survive for more than a few seconds. The Galeon and Mamoru previously met were also Pas-Q Machine duplicates.

GGG scours the Earth for the real Mamoru and the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, but fails to find so much as a hint of them. Over time, the majority of GGG becomes lethargic, and most eventually slip into sleep. The Mobile Unit is shut down by them prior to this, leaving only Guy, Papillon and Renais active. Renais, feeling an ache from her G-Stone, searches for the source. She is soon attacked by Pillnus, who restrains and rapes her.

Guy, unaware of Renais's situation, hunts for and is accosted by the Masters (Pillnus has rejoined them, apparently finished with Renais). Guy has an argument with Palus Abel in which he learns that the Pas-Q Machine collects dark matter from our universe to create its replicants, and thus the use of it to recreate the Trinary Solar System (as is the Masters' purpose) will lead to the collapse of the universe. Enraged, Guy calls for PhantomGao, saying that for those he must protect, he must fight them. Palparepa, the man who stole the Pas-Q Machine, decides to face Guy himself. Guy conducts Fusion, while Palparepa performs Chemical Fusion and towers above GaoFar in his Palparepa PLUS. Guy attempts to use Final Fusion, only to find that Papillon has disappeared. Guy is saved by the emergence of Mamoru, who enables Program Drive. Guy faces off against Palparepa, GaoFighGar and Palparepa PLUS proving an equal match. However, Guy ultimately falls against Palparepa's God and Devil attack when he sees that one of the Sol Masters is none other than Cain, leader of the Green Planet.