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FuuRyuu (風龍), GGG Super-AI Vehicle Machine, model number GBR-6. FuuRyuu's vehicle form is a cement mixer; In humanoid form, the mixing drum is back-mounted, but can be angled up over the shoulders. He attacks with missiles and wind blasts fired from the mixer. Capable of flying with the mixer (Jiao Dan Ji). When in Symmetrical Docking form, the mixing drum takes the place of the forearm used by the other three Ryuu brothers. He carries a powerful bomb in the compartment in his leg that, in the other Ryuu brothers, would house the "hand part" - though it is not revealed until FINAL. FuuRyuu uses his chest dial far more often than any of the others (with RaiRyuu a close second) - each level of power appears to have a totally different effect.

Level Two: Feng Dao Dan ("Wind Missiles"): A rapid-fire barrage of missiles fired from the four holes on the mixing drum. In King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, Feng Dao Dan has been upgraded to Ul-Tech Feng Dao Dan, which fires Ul-Tech beams instead of wind missiles.

Level Three: Fun Gu Glue: A stream of compressed air fired from the mixing drum, which is usually used to form a wall that deflects enemy attacks.

Level Four: Jiao Dan Ji: Flight using the mixer, similar to Fun Gu Glue.

Has a similar personality to HyouRyuu , and is considered the older brother. Symmetrical docking with RaiRyu forms GekiRyuJin while cross-symmetrical docking with EnRyuu forms GouRyuuJin. His name means "Wind Dragon". An interesting note is that the kanji for the "Dragon" section of his name uses the Chinese traditional version as opposed to his Japanese brothers, probably referencing his country of manufacture, China.