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Seen in King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, the G-Crystal is a behemoth G-Stone, easily the size of the GGG Orbit Base judging by exterior scales. The G-Crystal was created by Cain to serve as the Green Planet's last legacy, housing a backup copy of Galeon's original program and the five Genesic Machines built for its use. Using a Super-AI patterned off of Cain's Wife, it stored massive amounts of the Genesic Aura to be poured into Galeon upon its return in preparation for the battle against the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. Its extremely high level of G-Stone energy presumably made it inassailable by the Z-Master, who thus left it alone. For a similar reason, its Genesic Aura made it untouchable by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol - however, when Galeon was charged in it and the G-Crystal's Genesic Aura shut down, the Masters took the opportunity to destroy it. The effort was too late, however - Genesic GaoGaiGar was born.