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The G-Stone is an energy source developed on the Green Planet by the "Green Planet's Protector," Cain, to emulate the natural Zonder-purifying powers of his newborn son, Latio. The resulting green gemstone is capable of converting courage into energy using the GS-Ride. It is described as a gem of life. When crystallized in a large enough form (known as a G-Crystal), it also produces an aura of power known as the Genesic Aura. The energy produced by a G-Stone is the polar opposite of Zonder Metal, and when the two energies collide they erase each other, leaving only the stronger energy remaining in the end.

The G-Stone was first used to power the mechanical lion Galeon, meant as a counteragent to the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. Due to the rapidity of the Z-Master's advance, however, Galeon was instead sent to Earth. When Galeon came into the custody of GGG in 2003, Professor Leo Shishioh discovered a cache of G-Stones stored within Galeon, and used information from its databanks to help mass-produce related technology.

Every G-Stone is connected to every other G-Stone, allowing information to travel between bearers across any distance. For this reason, it is known by both Leo and later GekiRyuJin as an "infinite information circuit". Because its power derives from the bearer's courage alone, the G-Stone can produce infinite energy, or even beyond infinite - whatever is needed for the bearer to claim victory.

Whenever a being or machine is particularly overflowing with G-Stone energy, it takes on a bright green coloration - this behavior is not observed with the J-Jewel, but is seen in the derivative Loud G-Stone.