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GGG Orbit Base.

The space station base of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard, the GGG Orbit Base is first hinted at quite early in the series during a conversation between Koutarou Taiga and Mamoru Amami, but does not make an appearance until the Bay Tower Base is destroyed by ZX-01, ZX-02 and ZX-03. Constructed due to knowledge gathered from Galeon's databanks about the existence of the 31 Machine Primevals, the Orbit Base serves as GGG's home base for the remainder of the Zonder invasion as well as long afterwards. The Hexagon portion of the Bay Tower Base is located inside the Orbit Base as its permanently-docked core component, while attached around it radially are the four Division Ships Amaterasu, Izanagi, Kanayago and Susanoh. The Orbit Base is protected by an array of emitters that can produce a Protect Shade effect for a short time, identical to GaoGaiGar's but on a much more massive scale. This shield takes time to recharge once used, and there is a 3-millimeter hole in the barrier that is unprotected - this is used by the Magnificent 7 Primevals to invade the Orbit Base from within.

The Orbit Base's artificial gravity system was designed by Akiko Hirata, while its operating system and security system were devised by Minoru Inubouzaki. Tooru Nozaki designed the Division fleet and the remainder of the systems.