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Components: Evoluder Guy + PhantomGao ; Renais Kerdif Shishioh + Phantom Gao (Hakai-Oh ~GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman~)

Seen in King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL. Result of Fusion between Evoluder Guy and PhantomGao. In all respects superior to the original GaiGar, it is powered by "Evolual Ul-Tech Power", a unique engine that is an adaptation of the Ul-Tech Engine, designed only to work with Guy's unique Evoluder energies. Like GaiGar, it possesses a Claw Arm attack as its only weaponry, though its Claw Arm is improved in that it leaves the hand free even when the claw is active. GaoFar also possesses full flight capabilities without need for a support unit such as StealthGao, and is equipped with built-in Mirror Coating generators much like Volfogg. It also possesses Holographic Camouflage as a result, though this ability is rarely used while as GaoFar - it is much more commonly used by PhantomGao to remain cloaked and near Guy. It also possesses Ion Coating. GaoFar has its own dedicated support machines - the GaoMachines StealthGao III, LinerGao II and DrillGao II - with which it can combine to form GaoFighGar.

GaoFar (as part of GaoFighGar) was destroyed in combat with Palparepa PLUS on Repli-Earth. A replica of GaoFar which had been created earlier was then used as part of Repli-GaoFighGar.

GaoFar is the only traditional Mechanoid fusion that is shown to be performed by somebody other than Guy Shishiou; during the final fight between GGG and the King of Kings in The King of Kings ~GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman~, Renais Kerdif Shishioh fuses with Phantom Gao and then executes Final Fusion into GaoFighGar. This is also the only occurence of a female character actively taking control of a protagonist mecha in any Brave Series media as of 2021.