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"The Fighting Mechanoid, reborn to protect humanity from all sorts of menaces. The name is, The King of Braves! GaoFighGar!!!"
— The narrator's introduction speech after GaoFighGar's first appearance, GaoGaiGar FINAL Episode 1. —

The GBR-11 GaoFighGar (ガオファイガー), formally known as Fighting GaoGaiGar (ファイティング・ガオガイガー), is a Brave Robot featured in The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL OVA series. A Super Mechanoid built by GGG as the successor to GaoGaiGar, it is formed from the Final Fusion (ファイナルフュージョン) of the Mechanoid GaoFar and the Gao-Machines Liner Gao II, Drill Gao II & Stealth Gao III. By combining with the Brave Robot GoldyMarg, GaoFighGar is capable of wielding the powerful Goldion Hammer.

The GaoFighGar formed from the F-111 Phantom Gao has been exclusively piloted by the Evoluder Guy Shishiou throughout 2007. The GaoFighGar formed from the XF-111 Prototype Phantom Gao was piloted for a short while by Guy in January 2007, before he once again took helm of the Super Mechanoid after returning from the Orange Site in 2017. This time, the Super Mechanoid can now combine with the Brave Robot GoldyDoubleMarg to wield the Goldion Double Hammer. After Guy switched to piloting the GaoGaiGar formed from the Galeon brought from 2005 to 2017, Renais Kerdif Shishiou inherited GaoFighGar as its new pilot.


A Super Mechanoid created by GGG to replace GaoGaiGar after Mamoru Amami and Galeon took off to the Trinary Solar System, as part of the GaoFighGar Project. Developed to accomodate Guy's Evoluder abilities, its basic performance and output surpasses that of GaoGaiGar's through the incorporation of the Evolial Ul-Tech Power system. Built into the Stealth Gao III's wing tips on GaoFighGar's back are a pair of powerful miniaturized Ul-Tech Engines, which unfold and glow green when deployed, allowing GaoFighGar to freely operate within atmosphere or in space without the need for parts swapping like with its predecessor. The 2 halves of the Liner Gao II, which serve as GaoFighGar's shoulders, can be utilized as escape pods in the event that GaoFighGar falls in battle.

GaoFighGar's controlling mechanism is also more clearly depicted compared to GaoGaiGar. Guy can be seen sitting inside GaoFighGar's cockpit, controlling the Super Mechanoid using large cylinders attached to his arms and legs. During GaoFighGar's battle against Palparepa PLUS, in which the Super Mechanoid received a devastating blow to its cockpit, Guy used his Evoluder abilities to wrap the heavily-damaged GaoFighGar's exposed cables around his limbs to compensate for the destroyed control system in an attempt to fight back, but his efforts were futile.

Unlike GaiGar, when conducting Final Fusion, GaoFar first releases a yellow horizontal Electromagnetic Tornado, known as the "Phantom Tube", from the hatch on its abdomen. Inside there, the Mechanoid then produces a trio of "Program Rings" around itself, followed by the new Gao-Machines locking on to each of their respective rings to process the driving program embedded within, enabling combination into GaoFighGar. The system was designed by former BioNet subject Alouette Pommier for GGG after she was rescued from the terrorist syndicate. The Final Fusion process became even quicker and more stable after Alouette redesigned the system herself in 2017, in anticipation of Guy's return. The aforementioned Program Rings are also utilized in GaoFighGar's Broken Phantom and Protect Wall techniques, replacing the physical Phantom Ring and Wall Ring employed by Star GaoGaiGar.

A side note is that the G-Stone mounted on GaoFar/GaoFighGar's forehead has the GGG symbol engraved into it instead of the default G-Stone symbol. Another G-Stone symbol is also seen on the back of GaoFighGar's left hand, which glows after Final Fusion is completed, reminiscent of the one on Evoluder Guy's left hand.

Equipment & Abilities[]


Developed based on Star GaoGaiGar's technique of the same name. Instead of using a physical "Phantom Ring" like the original, GaoFighGar utilizes an energy "Program Ring" released from its abdomen hatch, which provides a larger impact surface and negates the risk of the Ring being destroyed in combat. If the target hasn't been fully destroyed by the attack yet, the Program Ring will remain in its body and expand outwards as it disperses, completely destroying the target. Unlike with GaoGaiGar, the hand and forearm sections rotate in the same direction.

Developed based on Star GaoGaiGar's technique of the same name. Instead of using a physical "Phantom Ring" like the original, GaoFighGar utilizes an energy "Program Ring" released from its abdomen hatch, which provides a larger defensive area and negates the risk of the Ring being destroyed in combat. The Protect Wall also retains the energy-reflecting ability that GaoGaiGar's Protect Shade originally had (rearranging the enemy's energy blast into a pentagram shape and sending it back to them).

GaoFighGar deploys an electromagnetic net from its left arm to restrain the target and move it around. Used by GaoFighGar to fling a Zero Robo into its nearby fellows to cover for Mic Sounders the 13th testing out the new Disc X on the blackened Earth's surface during Operation Daybreak, in Chapter 7 of the GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman novel.

GaoFighGar is also armed with a pair of knee-mounted drills like its predecessor. The drills are now segmented into 4 individual sections, each of them rotating in the opposite direction to the adjacent section, with 4 protrusions attached to each section. The entire drill also extends when striking the enemy, increasing its offensive power.


  • Serial Code: FB-1 Mk-II
  • Classification: Special Bending Tool
  • Type: Arresting Field & Replication Field Generating Device
  • Length: 35 m
  • Weight: 235 t
  • Energy Transfuser: KT-88 Vacuum Fuse x1
  • Transfer Time: 80 ms
  • Maximum Battlefield Range: 15 km
  • Maximum Battlefield Maintaining Period: 3,000 s
  • Gravity Potential Surface Curvature: 10^10
  • Gravity Acceleration: 10^30 m/s^2

A Hyper Tool used by GaoFighGar in order to minimize collateral damage to surrounding areas during combat, utilizing the power of protection embeded into GaoFighGar's left arm, developed from schematics of Genesic GaoGaiGar's Bolting Driver. It is launched from the Super Winged Launching Command Ship Tsukuyomi when required on the battlefield, with GaoFighGar equipping the Driver on its left arm mid-air and ramming the Driver down to the ground when using it. The Dividing Driver allows GaoFighGar to create a "Dividing Field" of 15 kilometers in diameter by generating an Arresting Field and a Repression Field simultaneously, essentially creating a battlefield so that GaoGaiGar can freely combat the opponent without risk to the surrounding infrastructure. After about 50 minutes, the Dividing Field will collapse, meaning that anything that is still within the field will be crushed from the collapsing forces. The Dividing Driver can only be used once per sortie, as each use will drain the Driver's Dividing Core completely.

Furthermore, a modular version of the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver was prepared for GaoFighGar's use followng its completion, separating the "bit" section and the Dividing Core. The Dividing Driver configuration seen in FINAL is referred to as "Kit Number 03". In GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman, it seems that different Dividing Driver kits with varying effect radius are prepared for GGG's Super Mechanoids, with a Dividing Driver designated as "Kit Number 09" being used by GaoGaiGo, and a Driver designated as "Kit Number 02" being used by GaoFighGar.

  • Serial Code: GD-2A
  • Classification: Hyper Space Bending Tool
  • Type: Dividing Driver - High Power Version
  • Length: 37 m
  • Weight: 260 t
  • Components: SB-1 Mk-III/GD Attachment
  • Energy Transfuser: KT-95 Vacuum Fuse x1
  • Maximum Spatial Bending Radius: 120 km
  • Maximum Sustaining Period: 360 s
  • Maximum Gravity Field Curvature (Acceleration Convertion): 108 G
  • Interval Time:
  • Maximum Field: 20 s
  • Minimum Field: 6 s
  • Appendix: Exhaust Gas Chamber

A space-use variant of the Dividing Driver, the Gatling Driver manipulates vacuum space by spiraling it, capable of blocking projectiles or render enemies within the manipulated vacuum immobilized. Unlike the Dividing Driver, the Gatling Driver can be used multiple times during a single sortie, as the power unleashed in each use can be adjusted.

Furthermore, a modular version of the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver was prepared for GaoFighGar's use followng its completion, separating the "bit" section and the Dividing Core. The Gatling Driver configuration seen in FINAL is referred to as "Kit Number 05". In GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman, it seems that different Gatling Driver kits with varying effect radius are prepared for GGG's Super Mechanoids, with a Gatling Driver designated as "Kit Number 17" being used by GaoGaiGo.

  • Classification: G-Tool (Graivty Shockwave Generating Tool)
  • Length: 37 m
  • Weight: 300 t
  • Computer: GMX-GH101
  • GS-Ride Class: Classified
  • Construction Concept: G.O.R.D.I (G-tech Origin Resisting and Damage control Idea)
  • Maximum Output: Immeasurable
  • Propulsion System: None
  • 0-Critical Power: 0.053 s
  • Gravity Shockwave Effective Range: Classified
  • Slugging Accuracy: +- 0.05 cm

A giant hammer containing an artificial gravity well at its center that generates a gravity shockwave, instantaneously accelerating all particles in contact with said shockwave to the speed of light, thus transforming them into photons. It was developed based on data from Genesic GaoGaiGar's Goldion Nails. King J-Der's Generating Armor can hold off the Hammer for some time - the only forces known to have blocked the Hammer completely were Zonuda Robo's invulnerable Barrier System (sublimating the Hammer in the process), and Repli-Star GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven (which destroyed the Hammer).

In order for GaoFighGar to use the Hammer, approval from Koutarou Taiga is required, signified by the Chief pulling out a key from his personal keyholder and turning it in the keyhole on an activation panel, which will unveil another computer system to the operator (usually Mikoto), followed by the operator revealing a card and swiping it on a slot in the new panel, activating the Goldion Hammer.

It is possible for the Hammer to self-detonate, releasing a custom shockwave that was able to destroy the entire Mobile Unit, the Carpenter fleet, and the Orbit Base replicated by Pisa Sol. When GaoFighGar wields the Goldion Hammer, it gains a golden coloration, an effect which extends to Guy's armor as well.

  • Marg Hand (マーグハンド)

The rest of GoldyMarg's body, now serving as GaoFighGar's oversized right forearm to utilize the Goldion Hammer.

If required, the Marg Hand can be launched at the enemy in a similar manner to the Broken Magnum. Despite lacking in maneuverability compared to the Broken Magnum, the Goldion Magnum makes up for it with its sheer size and might. In the GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman novel Chapter 5, it was used to breach past Conquerer GoldyMarg's gravity shockwaves and rip out his head, therefore successfully retrieving Goldy's Super AI unit.

A G-Double Tool developed from the Goldion Hammer. True to its name, the Tool now consists of two hammers instead of one, which connect at the handle to form a double-headed hammer. On top of each hammer lies an orb, which are deployed when the Double Hammer is in "Clacker Mode" - the orbs detach from the Double Hammer and circle around it like a clacker toy, linked to the Hammer using Plasma Hold. A pair of simple AI units: "Castor", which controls the Goldion Hammer function in "Mode Castor", and "Pollux", which controls the Goldion Motor function in "Mode Pollux", are built into each orb respectively. As mentioned, the Goldion Double Hammer incorporates the functionality of both the Goldion Hammer and the Goldion Motor, along with a brand-new third function: Mode Gemini/Slicer Mode, which has the gravity shockwaves generated from Mode Castor precisely adjusted into a thin plane using Mode Pollux's frictional absorption, allowing for the gravity shockwaves to be unleashed in an accurate slicing attack. As the gravity shockwave generators are equipped within the clacker orbs, the orbs themselves can be sent to rapidly attack the target with consecutive destructive blows. Since the shockwave generators are stored within the orbs, it is presumed that the frictional absorbers are built within the hammer heads. While its raw power in a single strike may not match that of the original Goldion Hammer, the Goldion Double Hammer is by far much easier to handle, and incorporates more convenient functions. Since the Goldion Double Hammer is used in tandem with the original Marg Hand, Hammer Hell and Heaven can still be executed.

In order for GaoFighGar to use the Double Hammer, approval from GGG Blue or GGG Green's Chief is required (Guy himself approved its activation back when he was the only member of GGG Green). Two card swiping slots will then appear on the corresponding operator's computer system, followed by the operator (in this case Alouette) revealing a pair of cards and swiping them both on the slots.


  • Hell and Heaven: Not normally used by Guy - apparently installed onboard in the event that the Goldion Hammer was unavailable or destroyed. Unlike the original, this version does not appear to generate an electromagnetic tornado (the appropriate emitters are not located on GaoFighGar).


GaoGaiGar FINAL the COMIC[]

GaoFighGar was built as part of GGG's "GaoFighGar Project", to replace the unusable GaoGaiGar as GGG's new Super Mechanoid and defender of humanity. The project began on June 2006, with the second-generation Gao-Machines already reaching nearly 98% completion by December. However, following a test run above the ocean from the High-Speed Mobile Mothership Yasakani, the Gao-Machines along with Mikoto Utsugi became captured by BioNet from a sudden raid on the ship led by BioNet agent Shuu Wanibuchi. GGG proceeded to spend all of their efforts in locating the Gao-Machines, from Paris all the way to G-Island City, where a forced Final Fusion attempt in order to recapture the Gao-Machines ended up in Shuu successfully expelling Guy out from GaoFar, causing all of the Gao-Machines to fall into enemy hands. The only salvation for GGG at that point is that with the activation of the Emergency GaoFighGar Shutdown Program, BioNet cannot reactivate the Gao-Machines without the necessary shutdown cancellation codes.

The time is January 2007. After Volfogg tracked the Gao-Machines to Hong Kong, GGG immediately mobilized their forces there for the final battle. With the emergency shutdown program finally decoded, Shuu managed to conduct Fusion into GaoFar and paralyzed the Brave Robots using a virus transmitted from the emission of the Phantom Tube. After infiltrating Gimlet's flying fortress along with Guy, Alouette pretended to go along with Gimlet's demands of activating Final Fusion into GaoFighGar, repairing the Program Rings damaged from the Emergency Shutdown Program while also deliberately creating a fissure in the Phantom Tube lasting for 1/3000 of a second so that Guy could jump in, which he succeeded at. After confronting Shuu inside GaoFar's cockpit about the promise they once made years ago, Guy witnessed his last moments as Shuu's body shattered from the stress induced by Final Fusion. Taking his friend's place, Guy successfully conducted Final Fusion, signalling the birth of the reborn Super Mechanoid, GaoFighGar. With his new power, Guy proceeded to shoot down Gimlet's flying fortress with a single blast from the Broken Phantom, pulverizing the fortress and leaving Gimlet badly injured.

OVA Series[]

Guy and the now-cyborg Gimlet had a rematch in Paris at the beginning of the FINAL OVA, with GaoFighGar once again defeating the BioNet agent in his enhanced Gimlet Empereur form (this time, Gimlet was finished off for good by Renais). The Super Mechanoid later intercepted Repli-Mamoru and Repli-Star GaoGaiGar in Kyoto, Japan, in pursuit of the stolen Pas-Q Machine, which erupted into an all-out battle between the two Super Mechanoids, ending in victory for GaoFighGar. It later participated in the defense of the Orbit Base from the United Nation's spacecraft armada, as the world leaders were against the idea of GGG travelling to the Trinity Solar System and insisted on using The POWER to stop the Sol 11 Planetary Masters. The armada, however, was swiftly dealt with through the use of the Gatling Driver along with the Carpenters, preventing any unnecessary casualties (in fact, the UN army was actually in support of GGG and went easy on them).

After GGG arrived on Repli-Earth in the Trinity Solar System, while most of the GGG staff was manipulated by the Paras particles released by Palparepa, only Guy, Renais, and Papillon (with Mikoto a while later) remained unaffected due to their enhanced bodily features. Guided by the G-Stone, Guy headed towards where the Sol Masters were at and faced Palparepa in combat. GaoFighGar's Final Fusion was slightly delayed due to one of the Sol Masters, Pia Decem, attempting to assasinate the current operator Papillon, but Mamoru Amami's timely intervention saved her as Mamoru himself initiated Program Drive. What followed was a clash between Guy and GaoFighGar's Hell and Heaven against Palparepa and Palparepa Plus' God and Devil. Initially an even match, the sight of Pei La Cain, another of the Sol Masters, caused Guy's willpower to waver, resulting in Hell and Heaven losing to God and Devil, followed by GaoFighGar having it's arms destroyed and cockpit crushed. Undeterred, Guy tried his best to control GaoFighGar and fight back, however Palparepa Plus swiftly drilled through the mecha's Drill Knee and wing, before landing the finishing blow with it's energy sword. GaoFighGar was destroyed in action, while Guy was captured and manipulated by the Sol Masters into piloting Repli-GaoFighGar.

GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman[]

In 2017, during GGG's first battle against Conquerer King Genesic in Jupiter's vicnity, Shigeru Akamatsu was persuaded by his uncle Reo Shishiou speaking through Sakura Akamatsu to deploy the Prototype Phantom Gao for Guy, the machine which Alouette had just finished maintenance on. Thus the Prototype Phantom Gao was launched into the dimensional gate leading to the Orange Site, which formed after Triple Zero compressed Jupiter into a black hole. Drifting in the space connecting the current universe to the Orange Site, Guy spotted the Prototype Phantom Gao being sent his way and quickly hopped onto it, before returning to the current universe, much to GGG's surprise. After exchanging greetings and updating each other on the situation at hand, Shigeru approved the deployment of the second-generation Gao-Machines (which served as reserve machines for GaoGaiGo) and Guy's subsequent request for Final Fusion, resulting in the Fighting King of Braves once again appearing on the front lines after 11 years. Cooperating with GaoGaiGo and Betterman Cataphract, the trio of giant humanoids managed to thwart Conquerer King Genesic, ending with the Conquerer King forced into Cataphract's Socius Gate, halting the imminent destruction of the current universe.

After officially being enlisted as part of GGG Green's combat force with Guy serving as its primary pilot once more, GaoFighGar was deployed to the underground Puna Geothermal Power Plant at Hawaii to intercept Conquerer GoldyMarg combined with ZR-05 as its right arm. There, after opening a hole in the ceiling of the underground cavity with the Dividing Driver, GaoFighGar combined with DoubleMarg and equipped itself with the newly-developed Goldion Double Hammer, severing Goldy from ZR-05 with Slicer Mode before pulverizing ZR-05 into light. Undeterred, Conquerer GoldyMarg changed back into robot mode, before charging GaoFighGar while emitting Triple Zero-powered gravity shockwaves on his own, destroying DoubleMarg's Simple AI unit and pushing back GaoFighGar. As GaoFighGar prepared itself for a desperate counterattack that may result in mutual destruction, Hiiragi appeared through Sara's Socius Road and transformed into Betterman Pondus, cancelling Conquerer GoldyMarg's gravity shockwaves with his own anti-gravity shockwaves of the opposite wavelength. Seizing the chance, GaoFighGar fired the Goldion Magnum and ripped out Conquerer GoldyMarg's head with it, successfully retrieving Goldy's Super AI unit, as Betterman Pondus reached his limit and retreated. GaoFighGar attempted to retrieve the Zero Core lodged inside GoldyMarg's motionless body, but was met with a warning from Alouette that Conquerer GoldyMarg's body will explode in 5 seconds due to the old GGG member inside the Zero Core causing to the GS-Ride go haywire. Right at the last second, Betterman Ahriman intervened from another Socius Road and swiftly extracted the Zero Core, then tossed it to GaoFighGar as Goldy's body exploded. After the battle at Hawaii, GaoFighGar immediately headed to G-Island City on the Wadatsumi in the wake of another Conquerer Apostle attack, just in time to witness Conquerer King King J-Der emerging offshore of G-Island City. GaoFighGar tried to assault the Conquerer King, but it was no match against the Conquerer King's tremendous power. GGG Blue and Green had no choice but to witness Conquerer J-Ark, along with Conquerer GenRyuuJin and Conquerer GouRyuuJin depart into the skies, spreading Triple Zero all across the world.

With the massive horde of numerous types of Zero Robos emerging all over the world, causing destruction and blackening the Earth's surface, GGG Blue and Green invested all of their resources in rescue operations, along with the formulation of a plan to test out the effectiveness of the new Disc X on the Zero Robos and the blackened surface while also retrieving Conquerer GenRyuuJin & GouRyuuJin's Super AI units at the same time, codenamed "Operation Daybreak". In the day of the operation, GaoFighGar and GaoGaiGo defended Mic Sounders the 13th from swarming hordes of Zero Robos, before engaging in an unbalanced skirmish against Conquerer GenRyuuJin and Conquerer GouRyuuJin. GaoFighGar and GaoGaiGo managed to retreat away from the two Conquerer generals' Maximum Tou Long with help from the Bettermen, before the Bettermen themselves retreat as well, leaving the battlefield for the 4 Ryuu sisters to handle. While the Ryuu siblings battled each other, GaoFighGar and GaoGaiGo proceeded to clear out surrounding Zero Robos and extract Zero Cores from them, before coming face to face with Conquerer King King J-Der. In front of the Conquerer King's dense projectile barrage, the two Super Mechanoids had no choice but to perform evasive actions, stalling as much time as possible for the Ryuu sisters to take back their brothers. The activation of the Goldion Double Hammer was eventually approved, followed by GaoFighGar docking with GoldyDoubleMarg while GaoGaiGo provided cover. With the G-Double Tool in its hand, GaoFighGar proceeded to easily pulverize the Triple Zero-powered J-Quath using Clacker Mode, before damaging the Conquerer King's Anti-Meson Cannons and ES Missile launch tubes, finally forcing the humongous mechanoid to withdraw from the battlefield. The retrieval of the Ryuu brothers' Super AIs and the Zero Cores inside their bodies soon followed.

GaoFighGar finally had a chance for a proper rematch against Conquerer King King J-Der when it launched an attack on the GGG Orbit Base, bringing with it the restored Goldion Crusher, now known as the Conquerer Silverion Crusher, with King J-Der's head section docking with the Hyper Tool to serve as its control unit. GGG's combat force concentrated their assault on the Crusher's shockwave-generating GGD units before the Hyper Tool can be used, even when up against Triple Zero's fearsome regeneration abilities, in order to buy as much time as possible for the activation of the Goldion Reflexer. With the successful activation of the Goldion Reflexer, the gravity shockwaves generated by the Conquerer Silverion Crusher was reflected back to it, obliterating two-thirds of the the gigantic Hyper Tool in an instant. Seizing the chance, GaoFighGar combined with GoldyDoubleMarg charged towards King J-Der's head section docked onto the Conquerer Takahaya, then performed Hammer Hell on the gigantic head. King J-Der's head retaliated by counterattacking with its Plasma Swords, piercing through the Marg Hand and GaoFighGar's left flank, downing the Super Mechanoid. The Hammer Hell has managed to pierce through the head section's windows however, allowing Guy and Kaidou to infiltrate into its bridge and purify Soldato-J and Renais after a skirmish. Conquerer Tomoro 0117 dwelling inside the rest of King J-Der's body was the only threat remaining, but as GaoFighGar had already been crippled from the Plasma Swords, Guy switched to using the Musou GaoGaiGar formed from the Galeon brought from 2005 to 2017 by the Somniums to secure Tomoro 0117's AI unit and King J-Der's Jewel Generator, neutralizing the Conquerer King.

With Guy now piloting GaoGaiGar, Renais inherited GaoFighGar as its new pilot for the final showdown against Conquerer King Genesic at Antartica, with Raiga and Alouette making the necessary adjustments to cover for Renais. The trio of Super Mechanoids, King J-Der, Kakuseijin V2 and Betterman Cataphract all suffered difficulty against Conquerer King Genesic from the start, with the Conquerer King easily deflecting their attacks. GaoFighGar then battled Conquerer ProtectGao and Conquerer BrokenGao by itself, before receiving support from J-Der, followed by them surrounding Conquerer King Genesic along with their comrades within a Dividing Field in an attempt to rescue Sakura Akamatsu trapped inside Conquerer StraightGao. After Conquerer King Genesic used up the last of the Triple Zero remaining inside it to unleash the Galeoria Road and open a dimensional rift linking to the Orange Site following the rescue of Sakura and the retrieval of Genesic Galeon's black box by Musou GaoGaiGo, followed by GaoGaiGar unleashing the Broken Phantom formed from Formation F to push back the leaking Triple Zero, GaoFighGar joined GaoGaiGo, Kakuseijin V2, King J-Der, and later GaoGaiGar as well, in sealing up the rift using Dimensional Pliers combined from the numerous Carpenters.

Before the final showdown between Final GaoGaiGar and Betterman Cataphract Terra, Rakan infiltrated GGG Orbit Base and used Pectofores Sanctus to fuse a hard-twisted substance into the Gao-Machines' G-Liquid and the Kakuseijin V2's Linker Gel, rendering them inoperable. Coupled with Renais and Guy jointly piloting Final GaoGaiGar along with their friends, GaoFighGar did not see any action in the final chapter of the novel. It is unknown what happened to GaoFighGar and its components following the battle, but it can be assumed that they were repaired.


OVA Screenshots[]