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"At last, the true Brave that we've been waiting for has been born. The name is...The King of Braves, GaoGaiGar!"
— The narrator's introduction speech after GaoGaiGar's first Final Fusion, GaoGaiGar Episode 1. —

The GBR-01 GaoGaiGar (ガオガイガー) is the titular Brave Robo featured in The King of Braves GaoGaiGar TV series. The first Super Mechanoid built by GGG, it is formed from the Final Fusion (ファイナルフュージョン), also known as the Superhuman Combination (超人合体 - Choujin Gattai) of the Mechanoid GaiGar and the GaoMachines (Liner Gao, Drill Gao, Stealth Gao). Later on in the series, GaoGaiGar will occasionally combine with the newly-built GoldyMarg Brave Robo, using GoldyMarg as its new right forearm in order to wield the powerful Goldion Hammer.

It is normally piloted by the cyborg Guy Shishiou, although Galeon can still assume control if required (when Guy loses consciousness in combat for example), along with being co-piloted by Reo Shishiou, Geki Hyuuma and Kazuo Ushiyama in Episode 15 and loaded with the A.I units of HyouRyuu, EnRyuu, FuuRyuu, RaiRyuu and Volfogg in Episode 49, as both GaoGaiGar and Star GaoGaiGar.

When the 31 Machine Primevals came to invade Earth, GaoGaiGar was upgraded into the space-use Star GaoGaiGar (スターガオガイガー) by modifying the Stealth Gao into Stealth Gao II. Starting from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, GaoGaiGar was replaced by GaoFighGar, and eventually, Genesic GaoGaiGar. It is also further succeeded in the 2017 The King of Kings ~GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman~ novel/manga by GaoGaiGo.

Full Specifications[]

Taken from the anime eyecatches.

Eyecatch 1: Super Mechanoid GaoGaiGar

  • Height: 31.5 m
  • Weight: 630 t
  • Flexible Tank Capacity: 264.2 t
  • Computer: Shishiou Guy
  • Engine: Connected G-Drive
  • Maximum Output: Over 7,500,000 kw
  • Propulsion System: Edge Impulse Drive
  • Thrust: 1200 t x 2
  • Maximum Running Speed: 172 km/h
  • Maximum Flying Speed: Mach 3 (Rocket Boosted)
  • Weapon Systems:
    • Broken Magnum (Right Arm)
    • Drill Knee
    • Dividing Driver

Eyecatch 2: GaoGaiGar - Construction

  • GS-Ride Class: Classified
  • Construction: Combined G-Box Cast Frame
  • Final Fusion Electromagnetic Tornado Impact Load: Estimated 4.021 x 10^17 joules
  • Final Fusion Action Time:
    • Program Drived: 2.459 seconds
    • Electromagnetic Tornado Blow: 2.610 seconds
    • Final Fusion Finished: 62.328 seconds
    • Finished - Electromagnetic Tornado Down: 0.672 seconds.
  • Barrier System: Protect Shade (Left Arm)
  • G-System Maximum Energy Impact Load: Estimated 7.788 x 10^15 joules
  • Armor System: Super G-Armorment
  • Armor Maximum Energy Impact Load: Estimated 7.822 x 10^8 joules


In order for GaoGaiGar to be formed through the Final Fusion, the chief of GGG, Koutarou Taiga, must first approve the combination from the GGG headquarters, within the Main Order Room. The operator there, usually being Mikoto Utsugi (or Swan White temporarily when Mikoto is absent), proceeds to strongly slam on the big red "DANGER" button covered behind a plane of safety glass, initiating the Program Drive command for the Final Fusion. During Final Fusion, GaiGar spins around while releasing a special green foam from its skirt armor in the process, forming an electromagnetic tornado around itself to prevent any interference to the combination. Some enemies however have been able to pierce through the tornado, but fortunately they were quickly thwarted and pushed back outside by GaiGar itself or by the other Braves.

Although Guy does the main piloting of GaoGaiGar, Galeon can still take over the controls if necessary, shown when the Super AI activated Protect Shade to defend GaoGaiGar from EI-18's Grand Nova (with heat levels equal to the Sun), as Guy had already passed out from the Nova's heat.

Equipment and Abilities[]


GaoGaiGar's built-in weapons are essentially upscaled versions of the powers displayed by people of the Green Planet. The right arm represents the power of destruction, thus GaoGaiGar's right side is named Broken, the left side, protection, and, again like GaoGaiGar's Broken side, therefore named the Protect side. As such, it is equipped with the most versatile arsenal of the robots deployed in the series.

GaoGaiGar's main offensive weapon, representing the side of "Destruction". The Super Mechanoid's right forearm section will spin at high speeds and then be launched at the enemy in a Rocket Punch-like attack. An interesting note is that GaoGaiGar's forearm will spin anticlockwise while the fist will spin clockwise, the entire forearm glowing red in the process.

GaoGaiGar's main defensive equipment, representing the side of "Purification". A protection field is generated as GaoGaiGar positions its left hand into a shield-like shape. When countering energy attacks, the Protect Shade can rearrange the energy blast into a star shape and send it back at the enemy.

A technique that can be performed during Protect Shade, where GaoGaiGar discharges electricity from its left hand to hold the target in place. Repli-Star GaoGaiGar has also been shown to be capable of executing this technique without performing Protect Shade first, using it to levitate and throw GaoFighGar around.

Drill Gao's drill cones, now mounted on GaoGaiGar's knees. They are used for kicking attacks.


An equipment used by GaoGaiGar in order to minimize collateral damage to surrounding areas during combat, developed from schematics of Genesic GaoGaiGar's Bolting Driver. It is launched from the Triple-Flying Decked Carrier or the Landing and Supply Assault Ship when required on the battlefield, with GaoGaiGar docking the Driver with its left arm mid-air and ramming the Driver down to the ground when using it. The Dividing Driver allows GaoGaiGar to create a "Dividing Field" 10 kilometers in diameter by generating an Arresting Field and a Repression Field simultaneously, essentially creating a battlefield so that GaoGaiGar can freely combat the opponent without risk to the surrounding infrastructure. After about 30 minutes, the Dividing Field will collapse, meaning that anything that is still within the field would be crushed from the collapsing forces. The Dimension Pliers (see below) were created specifically for GaoGaiGar to escape in a situation like this. The Dividing Driver can only be used once per sortie, as each use will drain the Driver's Dividing Core completely. Aside from being used to generate a battlefield to fight, the equipment can also be used in ingenious ways, such as creating a water pressure-resistant bubble for a deep-sea mission (Episode 10), preventing a bomb shell from hitting GaoGaiGar at point-blank range (Episode 16) or used to open a hole in a near-inescapable "Klein Space" in conjunction with the Gatling Driver (Episode 46). The Dividing Driver is replaced with the Gatling Driver during space missions as the old Driver cannot manipulate vacuum space, aside from the one occasion in Episode 46 as mentioned above.

In The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, a modular version of the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver is built for GaoFighGar's use, separating the "bit" and the Dividing Core. The Dividing Driver configuration is referred to as "Kit number 03" and is launched from Division VII: Tsukuyomi.

A space-use variant of the Dividing Driver, the Gatling Driver manipulates vacuum space by spiraling it, capable of blocking projectiles or render enemies within the manipulated vacuum immobilized. It can alternatively be used to create a gravity lenses for the Mic Force can concentrate their Solitary Wave Riser attack into a single point. Unlike the Dividing Driver, the Gatling Driver can be used multiple times during a single sortie, as the power unleashed in each use can be adjusted.

In GaoGaiGar FINAL, a modular version of the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver is built for GaoFighGar's use, separating the "bit" and the Dividing Core. The Gatling Driver configuration is referred to as "Kit number 05" and is launched from Division VII: Tsukuyomi.

A trio of simple-AI robots designed by NASA for use with GaoGaiGar, originally served as a countermeasure to the Dividing Driver. Individually, the Pliers seem to possess no real abilities, but together they take the form of either a one-handed or two-handed version that connects over GaoGaiGar's arms. The Pliers are able to erase dimensional spaces, which takes the appearance of literally grabbing the space in question with the Pliers and throwing it away. The Pliers can also perform a combination attack when they combine into a single long plier and spin/ram into an enemy. One of the Pliers appears to have a somewhat clumsy AI, and acts as comic relief by falling over, etc, on route to GaoGaiGar. The Pliers communicate in bleeps, and have little more than basic Three Laws programming installed (though they are seen waving GGG off in episode 3 of FINAL).

The three Pliers were later mass-produced as part of the Carpenters.

A G-Tool developed from specifications of Mic Sounders the 13th' Disc X, it is a circular pod that when used, splits into 2 and connects to both of GaoGaiGar's arms. Its use requires the direct, confirmed authorization of the UN Secretary General. Once authorization is granted, a panel on the console of the relevant operator (Mikoto Utsugi) rotates to reveal a palm-reading sensor, to which a data-gloved right hand is applied. There are a total of 5 stages in the usage of the tool:

-Pod Open (ポッドオープン): GaoGaiGar opens up the pod and then surrounds the enemy within said pod.

-First Lock (ファーストロック): Utilizng GaoGaiGar's Protect Shade's properties, the 2 halves of the Grand Pressure snaps back together instantly.

-Second Lock (セカンドロック): GaoGaiGar's right arm will spin at high speeds, enabling the orange bars on the side of the Grand Pressure to rotate horizontally and lock on, finishing the Second Lock.

-Final Lock (ファイナルロック): The middle section of the Grand Pressure will then be finally sealed together properly.

-The last stage will be the activation of the Grand Pressure - The enemy is bombarded with G-Stone energy that causes it to compress and shatter. Like Disc X, this energy can be tuned to only destroy a certain type of material, which in this case, ensures the safety of the Zonder Cores. The energy generated from the destruction of the enemy will be sent upwards in a similar manner to the Eraser Head used by ChouRyuuJin.

Technical name: Gravity Shockwave Generating Tool (referred to as the "G-Tool" or "Hyper Tool" before its introduction). A giant hammer containing an artificial gravity well at its center that generates a "custom" shockwave, transforming all particles in contact with its striking surface into photons below the atomic level. It was designed as a new finishing move for GaoGaiGar due to the health complications that Guy's repeated use of Hell and Heaven had caused. The Hammer has more than enough power to pulverize the Zonder Robos. King J-Der's Generating Armor can hold off the Hammer for a time - the only forces known to have blocked the Hammer completely are Repli-Star GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven (which destroyed the Hammer) and Zonuda's invulnerable Barrier System. The Hammer was developed based on the data for the Goldion Nails on Genesic GaoGaiGar's hands, which possess the same properties. In order for GaoGaiGar to use the Hammer, approval from Koutarou Taiga is required, signified by the Chief pulling out a key from his personal keyholder and turning it in the keyhole on an activation panel, which will unveil another computer system to the operator (usually Mikoto), followed by the operator revealing a card and swiping it on a slot in the new panel, activating the Goldion Hammer. Initially, wielding the Hammer directly caused severe damage to GaoGaiGar. This situation was temporary resolved by using the Dimension Plier to wield the Hammer (which damaged the Plier instead), however a permanent solution was still needed, so the Hyper Tool was incorporated into GGG's Super-AI robot GMX-GH101 GoldyMarg, using the "Marg Hand" system in order to properly channel and control the Hammer's power. If required, the hammer section can be detached from the handle. As seen in FINAL, it is possible for the Hammer to detonate, releasing a custom shockwave that was able to destroy the entire Mobile Unit, the Carpenter fleet, and the Orbit Base. When GaoGaiGar wields the Goldion Hammer, it gains a golden coloration, an effect which extends to Guy's armor as well. In Episode 43.2, the hammer can be wielded by King J-Der as one of the battle situations that the player can choose, covering the hammer in a silver color, which Soldato-J dubs as the "Silverion Hammer".

  • Marg Hand (マーグハンド)

The rest of GoldyMarg's body, now acting as GaoGaiGar's oversized right forearm to utilize the Goldion Hammer.

If required, the Marg Hand can be launched at the enemy in a similar manner to the Broken Magnum. Only seen in Episode 43.2 as one of the possible battle situations the player can choose.

Technical name: Counter Gravity Shockwave Generator. A gigantic jackhammer-modeled tool made to counter the Goldion Hammer, in the event that the weapon is captured by the enemy and used against GGG. Seen in GaoGaiGar Episode 43.2 from the PS game Blockaded Numbers, the tool was never used by GaoGaiGar as it is absorbed by the Zonder Robo containing Koutarou and Hyuuma, which caused the Goldion Hammer to have no effect on it.

An immensely powerful Hyper Tool developed alongside the Goldion Hammer. Similar to the G-Tool, it is an equipment capable of absolute material annihilation for usage in decisive battles.


GaoGaiGar brings its hands together, with the pilot chanting "Gemu, Giru, Gan, Go, Gufo", a chant derived from the Latin language (meaning "2 Powers Into 1"). An electromagnetic tornado then gathers around the enemy and traps them in a gravity lock. After that, GaoGaiGar utilizes Stealth Gao's thrusters and Drill Gao's treads to charge into the enemy, smashing its fists into the enemy core and tearing it out. This is the method Guy uses to destroy Zonder Robos and retrieve their cores for the first half of the TV series. However, this technique causes extreme physical strain to the pilot's cybernetics and could lead to death if used repeatedly. Upon defeating EI-15, Guy suffered a major collapse and was left very close to death, highlighting the danger of using Hell and Heaven for even one more time. To act as a substitute for the dangerous technique, Hammer Hell and Heaven, via GoldyMarg and the Goldion Hammer, was devised. After evolving into an Evoluder however, Guy can use Hell and Heaven for as many times as he likes without the risk of damaging his body, although he still prefers using Hammer Hell and Heaven more to reduce collateral damage.

After the repeated use of Hell and Heaven proved to be life-threatening to Guy, a new finishing move was devised for GaoGaiGar, known as Hammer Hell and Heaven, utilizing the Goldion Hammer and GoldyMarg. The attack is divided into 2 main phases: Hammer Hell and Hammer Heaven. With Hammer Hell, after combining with GoldyMarg, GaoGaiGar pulls out a long, solid nail of energy from the Marg Hand's front tire and impale it into the enemy's core, then secures it in place with a Hammer strike. Hammer Heaven subsequently follows, with the red nail-removing claw mounted on the top of the Marg Hand (GoldyMarg's front leg sections) used by GaoGaiGar to pull the energy nail back out, bringing the enemy's core with it. The nail then dissipates, causing the enemy's core to fall into GaoGaiGar's left hand. Finally, GaoGaiGar pulverizes the enemy's coreless remains with the Goldion Hammer to prevent collateral damage from its explosion, rendering the enemy's body into subatomic particles. As there are 2 claws and 2 inner side tires on the Marg Hand, 2 Cores can be extracted at the same time. 

  • Double-Head Driver (ダブルヘッドドライバー)

See Star GaoGaiGar, as the technique was only used once by the said Super Mechanoid. It is possible that GaoGaiGar can also use it.

  • Broken Lancer (ブロウクンランサー)

A combination attack with Baan Gaan of the Brave Series. GaoGaiGar fires the Broken Magnum while Baan Gaan throws his Twin Lancer at the enemy in tandem. Seen in Brave Saga 2 along with its manga version.

  • Graviton Magnum (グラビトンマグナム)

A combination attack with Victorion of the Brave Series, seen in the game Brave Saga 2. GaoGaiGar launches the Broken Magnum as Victorion flings one of his Victory Saucers in tandem at the enemy.

  • GGG Pico Pico Hammer (GGGピコピコハンマー)

A sort of "combination attack" between GaoGaiGar, GoldyMarg and Usarin Mk-II of the Brave Series, seen in the game Brave Saga 2. While GaoGaiGar is attempting to initiate Hammer Hell and Heaven, Usarin Mk-II barges in midway, pushes GaoGaiGar aside, takes the Goldion Hammer for herself, with the mecha's pilot, Sharanla Sheathluth innocently announcing "I'll be borrowing this~" before Usarin pulverizes the enemy with the Hammer. It can be seen that Usarin Mk-II's body also turns gold when wielding the Goldion Hammer.


GaoGaiGar was constructed in 2003, after information found in Galeon's databanks revealed the extent of the Zonder threat. It was first deployed in response to the emergence of EI-02 from Garbage Island 2 years after, marking the beginning of a long-running war against the Zonders. GaoGaiGar saw the vast majority of direct combat during this time, and always remained the most powerful unit in GGG's arsenal. It was also given the widest variety of support tools and units, including the Dividing Driver and Dimension Pliers, as well as eventually the Goldion Hammer.

GaoGaiGar would eventually suffer severe damage at the hands of ZX-01, ZX-02 and ZX-03, the first of the 31 Machine Primevals to make an appearance on Earth. GaoGaiGar, once rebuilt, would be mounted with an Ul-Tech Engine, vastly increasing its power to the point where it could stand against the Primevals. The second major upgrade at this time would be the Space Booster, a set of option parts for StealthGao that converted it into StealthGao II, increasing GaoGaiGar's capabilities at the same time. With these parts equipped, GaoGaiGar was known as Star GaoGaiGar.

When the New Machine Species appeared in Tokyo one month following the defeat of the Z-Master, GaoGaiGar was loaded with 5 of the Mobile Unit Super-AIs in the cockpits of its GaoMachines. With their combined courage and Guy's unflagging resolve, GaoGaiGar emerged victorious. In the aftermath, Mamoru Amami and Galeon would leave for space (unbeknownst to all at the time, they had been called to the Trinary Solar System, to prepare for the coming of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol). With its core component missing, GaoGaiGar never saw future use, though its legacy would live on in its Earth-made successor, the King of Braves GaoFighGar.


Anime Screenshots[]

Hell and Heaven[]

Dividing Driver[]

Dimension Plier[]

Goldion Hammer / Hammer Hell and Heaven[]


  • GaoGaiGar's design was created by prolific mechanical designer Kunio Okawara. It incorporates some homages to the mecha of previous Brave series (most visibly Brave Express Might Gaine, whose shoulder-train design is clearly visible with LinerGao, and Galeon's design with the attached mane is a perfect, and slightly redesigned, copy of that of Brave Exkaiser).