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Components: Kakuseijin GaiGo + DrillGao II + LinerGao II + StealthGao II

GaoGaiGo (ガオガイゴー GaoGaiGō) is a Super Neuromechanoid built by GGG with the cooperation of Akamatsu Heavy Industries. It combines StealthGao II (from Star GaoGaiGar) and LinerGao II and DrillGao II (from GaoFighGar) with the Neuromechanoid Kakuseijin GaiGo. The reason for the use of StealthGao II rather than III is that GaiGo cannot produce Program Rings, forcing GaoGaiGo to use the less powerful Phantom Rings. It is normally piloted jointly by Mamoru Amami (womb head diver) and Ikumi Kaidou (cereb head diver), although Hinoki Sai and Keita Aono have served as reserve pilots. It runs on a combination of Linker Gel and Ul-Tech power. As seen with the jointly operated King J-Der, Kaidou's J-Jewel energies supercharge the G-Stones embedded in GaoGaiGo. Its model number is GBR-21. It was eventually downed by the enemy.