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Gatling Driver

The last GGG-built tool completed for GaoGaiGar's use - developed from schematics that were used in Genesic GaoGaiGar's Bolting Driver. Utilizes the power of either GaoGaiGar's "holy" (Protect) left arm or "Broken" right arm to energize and discharge the tool's Dividing Core, which spirals space to a tight point to create one of two effects. The first (first seen in Number 38) creates a binding area of space that prevents anyone in it from moving. This function has also been used to break out of a Dividing Field-based "Klein Space" in conjunction with the Dividing Driver (Number 46). The second function creates a large blue "gravity lens" which can focus an attack to a tiny point - this is on both occassions used with the Mic Force to focus the power of their Solitary Wave Riser.

The Gatling Driver resembles an oversized Philips-head screwdriver with three oversized tines mounted to a cylindrical gauntlet. It is usually launched from the Mirror Catapult on board Division I: Izanagi; GaoGaiGar intercepts the flight path of the tool and connects with it in midflight. Unlike the Dividing Driver, the Gatling Driver never sees use outside of a vacuum environment.

Unlike the Dividing Driver, the Dividing Core within the Gatling Driver is not built to be fully discharged with each use - though the Gravity Lens function drains the entire core, the spiraling function can use a varying amount of power and thus be usable multiple times.

In King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, a modular version of the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver is built for GaoFighGar's use, separating the "bit" and the Dividing Core. The Gatling Driver configuration is referred to as "Kit number 05" (Kitto numbaa zero-go) and is launched from Division VII: Tsukuyomi.