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The standard defensive equipment for Red Planet vessels and resulting Giant Mechanoids, Generating Armor is a type of energy-based force field that protects J-Ark and Pia Decem PIT, utilizing the properties of the J-Jewel and Loud G-Stone to create a repelling plasma energy. Other than some Zonder defense fields, Generating Armor is the only thing that can withstand the custom shockwaves generated by the Goldion Hammer. Generating Armor is controlled by Tomoro 0117 on J-Ark, and usually possesses limiters to prevent excess usage. These limiters can be released to turn the defensive barrier into an offensive attack - the J-Phoenix desperation attack. The J-Quath normally used by King J-Der is designed to use this property of Generating Armor without harm - doing so with any other part of J-Ark causes extensive damage.

Pia Decem PIT's Generating Armor has been shown multiple times - in its first instance it was red, like J-Ark's, though later appearances were instead light green. Arma possesses an ability called the "absolute defense wall", which may be a personal-scale version of Generating Armor.