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God and Devil HD.png

Palparepa PLUS's ultimate attack. All six doping cylinders are required for this attack - the six layer themselves over Palparepa's hands and shatter into particles, reforming into an oddly shaped weapon that glows with yellow on the right half and red on the left (indicating its nature as a polar opposite to Hell and Heaven). Palparepa then charges forward while holding the weapon straight ahead, crushing the enemy on impact in the same manner as Hell and Heaven. This attack does not generate an electromagnetic tornado, unlike its counterpart, and does not seem to create a gravity lock on its target, but is otherwise identical. God and Devil is capable of blocking (and can be blocked by) other Hell and Heaven-equivalent techniques. While it's power on par with GaoFighGar's Hell and Heaven, it is no match for Genesic GaoGaiGar's.

The weapon used for executing God and Devil looks quite similar to the Dimension Pliers in their Tool Form.