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The Goldion Armor as seen in Super Robot Wars 30

The Goldion Armor (or G-Armor) is a tool created with the joined effort of branches of GGG all over the world in response to the massive swarm of Zero Robos unleashed by the corrupted Braves. Its purpose was to power up a Super Mechanoid in order to match the strength of a Triple Zero-powered Brave robot, even up to Genesic GaoGaiGar's level. Although it was originally meant for GaoFighGar, the Armor was unfinished before Genesic GaoGaiGar was defeated, purified and upgraded to Final GaoGaiGar. It was later modified to be compatible with the latter mech, and ultimately saw use in the showdown between GGG and the Somniums.

The Goldion Armor is comprised of seven units called G-Blocks. G-Blocks 01 through 06 each resemble a cross between the nacelles on Stealth Gao II and Coastal Erosion Tetrapods. One of the Blocks connects to the extended hair of Genesic GaoGaiGar, and another one attaches to the tip of its tail. The remaining four Blocks connect via Plasma Hold to either side of the Mechanoid, before docking in pairs themselves. Collectively, the first six Blocks provide an immense power boost to the Mechanoid, and project a large set of golden wings which alter the gravity around the Mechanoid to dramatically increase its mobility as well.

The final G-Block, 07, is about as large as GaoGaiGar itself, and connects to its right arm; containing a set of golden turbines, the gyration of GaoGaiGar's Broken Magnum is required to fully activate it. Known as the Marg Arm, each of its fingers end in a structure resembling the Goldion Hammer known as the Goldion Finger. Seemingly directly based on Genesic's inbuilt Goldion Nails, which themselves are equivalent to the Goldion Hammer, the destructive potential of the Goldion Finger exceeds that, presumably being in the same league or greater than even the Goldion Crusher. Installed aboard the Marg Arm is GoldyMarg's Super-AI, represented by a large version of his face embedded in the palm of the hand.