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The Goldion Crusher

The Goldion Crusher's full size.

Goldion Crusher vs Pisa Sol.

Gravity Shockwave Generating Division Tool. Designed to combat threats of the same class as the Z-Master. Originally designed for GaoFighGar's use; used by Genesic GaoGaiGar to destroy Pisa Sol and the Pas-Q Machine at the end of King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL.

The Crusher itself is formed through "Formation G," involving transformation and combination of the GGG ships Tsukuyomi, Hirume and Takehaya. The three ships fuse together, creating a mammoth version of the Goldion Hammer. Once GaoFighGar (or in this case, Genesic GaoGaiGar) links with it, the influx of G-Stone power causes the 'head' portion to explode outwards, forming a massive rectangular-shaped hammer head made of golden light and energy capable of vaporizing anything it comes in contact with.

Its use requires authorization and simultaneous manual activation from two individuals (in this case, Koutarou Taiga and Swan White), each possessing a key given him or her by the UN Secretary General. The keys then rotate two plates, which eventually display the characters for "Victory" (to which Taiga exclaims "This is the Key to Victory!!!").

The Crusher contains the program of the Super-AI robot Goldymarg. (Originally, Goldymarg was intended to simply combine with it, but because he was destroyed in Osaka by Star GaoGaiGar his Super-AI was instead imbedded into it.) For this reason, what appears to be the original Goldion Hammer is embedded in the handle portion of the Crusher - it is this that is grabbed when wielding the Crusher by having the mechanoid slam its entire right forearm into a connector. As the connector was designed for GaoFighGar, Genesic's larger forearm breaks the connector - however, the effect is the same.

The Crusher does not appear to have been rebuilt for GaoGaiGo in Project Z.