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"System Change! GoldyMarg!"

GGG Super-AI Multi-Robo GMX-GH101: GoldyMarg was constructed specifically to carry the Goldion Hammer and transform into the Marg Hand that allows GaoGaiGar to use it properly and without damage, GoldyMarg is the largest of the Vehicle Machines, being nearly as tall as the Symmetrical-Docked units in his normal mode. He also has the ability to System Change into the Goldy Tank, which has a powerful Fusion Beam Cannon, the Marg Cannon (the Goldion Hammer's handle), and is capable of incredible feats, such as driving up the side of a building. In all modes, he is extremely tough and strong. His AI is patterned on Geki Hyuuma, giving him a hotheaded personality; they bicker frequently, often on the subject of GoldyMarg's duties.

The original Goldion Hammer was destroyed in Osaka during combat with Repli-Star GaoGaiGar, when Repli-Mamoru used Hell and Heaven against the Goldion Hammer. GoldyMarg's Super-AI (along with a copy of the Goldion Hammer) was later embedded into the Gravity Shockwave Generating Division Tool "Goldion Crusher", which he was originally meant to simply combine with. The Goldion Crusher was destroyed by its own the backlash when used to destroy Pisa Sol, but the giant GoldyMarg head on the Crusher - which houses GoldyMarg's Super-AI - was still intact and retrieved by GGG, apparently still functionable as he was seen bidding farewell to Ikumi and Mamoru along with the other members of GGG when the two kids were launched back to our Solar System.

GoldyMarg was regenerated into his original form by the Triple Zero within the universal embryo. After he was defeated by GaoFighGar and later purified, his Super-AI was installed into the Goldion Double Hammer. Since then he has insisted on being called "GoldyDoubleMarg." Even later, his AI was installed aboard the Goldion Armor.