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GouRyuuJin (強龍神) is the result of Symmetrical Docking between EnRyuu and FuuRyuu when their SympaRate exceeded 200%. This level was made possible when one or both of the robots were charged with The Power, a mysterious energy taken from the planet Jupiter. His main attack is "Burning Hurricane" (which works like Shuang Tou Long).

When GouRyuuJin uses "Burning Hurricane" in tandem with GenRyuuJin's "Thunder Blizzard", the result is called "Maximum Tou Long". "GouRyuuJin" means "Strong Dragon God". An interesting note is that the kanji for the "Dragon" section of his name uses the Chinese traditional version as opposed to GenRyuuJin, probably due to having the head of the Chinese-made GekiRyuuJin .