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The Green Planet (緑の星 Midori No Hoshi?) is a planet in the Trinary Solar System. It is the home planet of Cain and Latio. From the flashes visible during Latio's flashbacks to infanthood, the planet's structures were made of stone. The people of the Green Planet possessed 8 angelic wings and a green glow, along with powerful telekinetic abilities. These were focused in three primary techniques that balanced the powers of destruction and creation, which were the basis for the abilities of GaoGaiGar and its successor mechs. In addition, Cain's child, Latio, possessed the power of Purification.


Utilizing the right hand, this was the basis for Broken Magnum. It is the favored combat opener of Pei La Cain, though it is seldom used by Latio. The thumb, index and pinky fingers are outstretched with the middle and ring fingers curled inward - the technique fires a blast of energy possessing moderate power. Like Broken Magnum, it is much quicker to execute than other moves, though it possesses lower firepower.

"Two Powers Into One"[]

Utilizing both hands, this was the basis for Hell and Heaven. It is favored as a finishing move by people of the Green Planet. Both hands are folded together in an outstretched fist while speaking the pseudo-Latin chant "Gemu giru gan go gufo...", followed by charging at the enemy while finishing the chant by yelling "Vita!". A variant of this technique can be used to destroy the complete Z-Master program once all 31 Z Crystals have been collected and assembled - rather than charging, this version fires a thin laser from the outstretched fist, which disintegrates the crystals.

Despite these powerful abilities, the Green Planet's people fell against the Zonders and were mechanized. Eventually the planet itself faded from existence, as was the fate of the rest of the Trinary Solar System.