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Organization created to take the Gutsy Geoid Guard's place, and identical in most respects. All of the former GGG's personnel were transferred to this organization following the 31 Machine Primevals' destruction of the Bay Tower Base.

This organization is no longer a branch of the Japanese government, but the United Nations Earth Defense Force. Quite unlike the Gutsy Geoid Guard, they are also an organization with a public face, as their exploits are known openly to the world. They even establish a global "GGG Dial" hotline so citizens can assist them in investigating strange phenomena.

Following the Primevals' mass landing on Earth, the Gutsy Galaxy Guard is granted 70 percent of the UN's budget.

The UN has the authority to shut down the Gutsy Galaxy Guard if necessary. Following the Invisible Burst incident it was reorganised into Gutsy Global Guard.