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Hammer Hell

Hammer Heaven

Hikari Ni Nare

A more refined version of Hell & Heaven using all available features of GoldyMarg in "Marg Hand" mode. The Goldion Hammer, which is integrated into GoldyMarg's design, is associated with this attack, as the given title implies. Hammer Hell & Heaven is a 3-stage tactic composed of the following actions, in order:

  1. Hammer Hell: With its Protect hand free, GaoGaiGar or GaoFighGar (as pictured here) unsheaths an energy "nail" (most likely created from Mirror Particles) from the Marg Hand (From one of GoldyMarg's wheels placed conveniently near the user's Protect hand so that the "nail" waits for the hand to grab it), stabs the area containing the enemy core with the "nail," then uses the Hammer to drive it further inward, breaking through the opponent's armor so that the nail embeds itself into the core for phase 2. This represents Destruction.
  2. Hammer Heaven: GaoGaiGar uses one or both of the hinged claws on the Marg Hand to pull the "nail" out, the core being extracted as a result. The "nail" then disintegrates, leaving the core intact to land in GaoGaiGar's Protect hand. This represents Protection.
  3. Hikari Ni Nare ("Become The Light"): The third and final phase of this attack, Guy smashes the Hammer into the now-coreless enemy, disintegrating it. Its body becomes light and then disperses into several smaller flakes of light, which disappear as they ascend upwards in a spiral of green light.