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Soldato-J with a J-Jewel on his arm.

The Red Planet's reproduction of the G-Stone, exhibiting identical properties. Mass-produced by Abel, the Red Planet's leader. Used to power the Ark Armada and the cyborg Soldato Division. Using the Jewel Generator (apparently identical in function to the GS-Ride), the J-Jewel can be used as a power source just like the G-Stone.

Since it's a copy of the G-Stone, a J-Jewel can also use courage to attain an infinite level of energy. Furthermore, there is a sympathetic link between the G-Stone and J-Jewel - when they are simultaneously used to power the same machine, this link drastically increases the level of power of both stones and the machine itself. This behavior was first observed with King J-Der's "Silverion Hammer" interface with Goldymarg, and later with the joint-piloting of King J-Der by Soldato J-002 and Renais Kerdif-Shishioh.

When a J-Jewel is active, a "J" symbol appears visible within the jewel. Similar to the activated G-Stone's "G" symbol.

An Arma is able to shut down a J-Jewel at any time.