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Kakuseijin GaiGo. Accept mode (top) and Active Mode (bottom)

Kakuseijin GaiGo (覚醒人凱号 Kakuseijin GaiGō, "Awakener Unit Triumph") is a "Neuromechanoid" (a combination of Neuronoid and Mechanoid) built by GGG with the cooperation of Akamatsu Industries. Its Head Divers (pilots) are Mamoru Amami (Womb Head Diver, Accept Mode Pilot) and Ikumi Kaidou (Cereb Head Diver, Active Mode Pilot), though Keita Aono and Hinoki Sai are reserve Head Divers. Capable of flying without any option parts. Like its predecessors GaiGar and GaoFar, it can undergo Final Fusion with the GaoMachines, forming GaoGaiGo. It is also the successor to Kakuseijin V2.

Can transform (involving inversion of the Neuromechanoid) between two forms:

  • GaiGo Active Mode (ガイゴー 覚醒人凱号アクティブ・モード, "GaiGou Kakuseijin GaiGo Active Mode"): Mode with a head with a humanoid face resembling GaiGar.
  • Kakuseijin GaiGo Accept Mode (覚醒人凱号アクセプト・モード): Mode with a visored head resembling J-Der, or possibly the Neuronoids from Betterman.

This neuromechanoid was slated to be in The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Project Z, but the project was scrapped and Kakuseijin GaiGo was later reused for the King of Kings ~GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman~ novel, eventually downed by the enemy.