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King J-Der

Components: J-Der (Soldato J-series cyborg + J-Bird section of J-Ark/J-Battler) + Main body of J-Ark/J-Battler

This article covers the King J-Der belonging to Soldato J-002. For the unit as a whole see Ark Armada.

Result of Mega Fusion between J-Der and the J-Ark, forming a Giant Mechanoid. The backbone of the Red Planet's countermeasure against the 31 Machine Primevals, King J-Der is a massive, heavily armed fortress of a fighting machine, designed to destroy Primevals and retrieve their cores for Purification by an accompanying Arma unit. Much as GaoGaiGar is an upscaled version of Cain, many of King J-Der's abilities simulate abilities seen in Palus Abel and assumed to have been possessed by the original Abel. King J-Der is protected by Generating Armor, which serves to act as a type of force field. In King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, J-Ark can be seen rebuilding large parts of itself, possibly through use of Generating Armor. It is armed with Maser Cannons in each of its fingers, as well as Anti-Meson Cannons on its forearms and legs and an impressive array of ES Missiles. King J-Der mainly uses his right hand when firing Anti-Meson Cannon and left hand when firing Five-Linked Maser Cannons. Its most powerful weapon, however, is the J-Quath, a harpoon-like weapon that uses an offensive version of Generating Armor to pierce a target and retrieve its core from a distance.


King J-Der first appeared on G Island in 2006, shortly after the arrival of ZX-01, ZX-02 and ZX-03 (the last of which escaped the initial encounter). It performed admirably during the war against the Zonder threat, and ultimately it and its crew sacrificed themselves to destroy the Z-Master. Unbeknownst to GGG at the time, however, King J-Der survived its self-destruction and was hurled through a wormhole to 5 billion light years outside the known universe.

Components of King J-Der

 Near the end of FINAL, King J-Der was jointly operated by Soldato J-002 and Renais Kerdif-Shishioh. This resulted in its head J-Jewel glowing alternately with the J-Jewel and G-Stone symbols, and seemingly increased its power output dramatically enough that it could match the formerly untouchable Pia Decem PIT in single combat. This effect may have been the reason why Ikumi Kaidou was selected as a Head Diver for the Super Neuromechanoid GaoGaiGo.

As with Volfogg, all of King J-Der's Mega Fusion sequence was heavily altered in addition to being remastered for FINAL. While the former version has a more "realistic" appearance to it, the second version is expanded, including the use of Plasma Wing to generate a cocoon around the transforming J-Ark and the addition of a zoomed-out shot of phoenix wings behind the completed mechanoid.