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King of Braves GaoGaiGar (勇者王ガオガイガー Yūsha Ō GaoGaiGā?) is an anime series series that began airing in 1997, created by Studio 7 under the direction of Yoshitomo Yonetani, and was the eighth and final Brave Series. It takes place in 2005, two years after an incident where the first identified extraterrestrial intelligence—classified as EI-01—crash-landed on Earth and absorbed a large number of machines into itself before disappearing without a trace. Following this incident, the Japanese government created a secret organization to combat potential alien threats: the Gutsy Geoid Guard, or "GGG," based beneath G-Island City in Tokyo Bay. Alien lifeforms known as Zonderians have begun to emerge; using Zonder Metal, they can assimilate various kinds of matter to form Zonders, which use humanoid beings as their hosts.


GaoGaiGar is composed of 49 episodes, first aired on Nagoya TV from February 1, 1997 to January 31, 1998. It was followed by a number of works across multiple media (one serialized novel, two short stories, one PlayStation video game, at least two serialized manga and four audio dramas). Most of these works contained plot written by Studio 7 staff, and contributed to its canon long after its airing.

The show's popularity would soon warrant a new animated work. This resulted in the production of the eight part sequel OVA King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, released from January 21, 2000 to March 21, 2003. Its story takes place one year following the events of the television series, and incorporates characters and continuity from non-television works. Examples include Renais Kerdif-Shishioh (main character of the aforementioned novel) and Rose Approval (secretary general of the United Nations as seen in the aforementioned PlayStation game).

Licensing in the USAEdit

On April 19, 2006, Media Blasters announced their licensing of the GaoGaiGar TV series for marketing in the United States. The first volume was released to stores on September 26 , 2006. On April 23rd 2007, it was reported that the US release of GaoGaiGar would go on hiatus due to the company's focus on a labor-intensive Voltron DVD release [1]. They followed with a statement that the subsequent volumes will be subtitled only, due to badly-timed and scheduled releases of the DVDs resulting in poor sales.


  1. Birth of the King of Braves!
  2. The Boy with Green Hair
  3. The Holy Left Arm
  4. Fugitive Zonder
  5. Blue and Red
  6. His name is ChoRyuJin
  7. Pursue the Black 300
  8. The Day the Sun Vanished
  9. Elementary Particle Z0
  10. A World devoid of Light
  11. The Gates of Isolde
  12. Tomorrow
  13. The Legacy of Cain
  14. The Misty Valley
  15. Targeted GGG
  16. Midday Demon
  17. Conqueror of Space
  18. A Promise Made Beyond the Light
  19. Right Arm Must be Destroyed
  20. Zonder Teacher
  21. Golden God of Destruction
  22. To the Corrupted Sky
  23. Mic 13
  24. Protection Disabled
  25. The Voice of Destruction
  26. Beyond the Dimension
  27. The Great Annihilation of Tokyo!
  28. Collision! The Four Machine Kings
  29. The Phoenix
  30. Braves, Death at Dawn!
  31. Farewell GGG
  32. Counterattack! The 31 Machine Primevals
  33. Journey to Absolute Zero
  34. Braves Resurrected
  35. Wind and Lightning
  36. His name is GekiRyuJin
  37. The Arrival of Cain
  38. Showdown in the Darkness
  39. The 7 Strongest Machine Primevals
  40. Children of the Stars
  41. Far-off Victory Song
  42. Return from an Ancient Era
  43. GenRyuJin, GouRyuJin
  44. Prologue to the End
  45. GGG Goes to Jupiter
  46. Those who have Courage
  47. Ending the Mechanization Threat
  48. Life
  49. Someday in the Sea of Stars


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