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Kinzou taken at the GGG center and analysed

Kinzou Kodakarayama (小宝山 金蔵) was the first human being to become EI-02, and also the first to be purified by Mamoru. At the GGG center, it was found out that he was manager of a construction company in Tokyo, who's company was outbid for a metropolitan contract. This resulted in his company going bankrupt, Kinzou being left by his family. In a last desperate try to recover something, he lost the rest of his money from betting on a horse, which eventually led to him turning into a homeless person.

At this point in time, he was approached by all four robots and offered the chance to take his revenge. Although he did not bear well, as observed under hypnosis, the transformation, he eventually transformed into a giant robot with a horse head. In his Zonder form, his revenge went against City Hall, but was stopped by GaoGaiGar and transformed by Mamoru back into a human.

Shortly after, he is taken by Geki Hyuuma to the center, tied up for security reasons. There, he has no memory of what happened to him, and is relatively scared by all the machines scanning him. Later, under hypnosis, he remembers the encounter with the four robots, and it seems helps with making their profiles.

Some time after, he is released and lives a better life.