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"These are the keys to victory!"
— Kotaro Taiga —

Kotaro Taiga (大河 幸太郎 Taiga Kōtarō?) is the loud, proud, and quite energetic president of the Space Development Corporation and chief of Gutsy Geoid Guard; As such with the latter, it is his job to oversee GGG's mission, and to approve the use of necessary procedures (Final Fusion, Symmetrical Docking (the latter being rarely)) as well as more crucial and untested equipment (Goldion Hammer, Goldion Crusher, Projectile X and so on).

As Chief, his job is also to report to the GGG's overseeing body (the Japanese Diet, then later the United Nations) and also request more budget allocations as well as argue GGG's case and purpose on occasion.

His authorization represented that of the following...

Gold Tiger Suit

He was formerly the leader of the group ID5, as Gold Tiger.

After the events of the TV series, he left GGG to return to his post as CEO of the Space Development Corparation, and to research the potential dangers of The Power. However, he remained an advocate of GGG, and even argued their case before the United Nations, when the UN refused to allow them to go into space to pursue the Sol Masters.

Eventually, GGG disobeys orders and goes into space anyway, prompting the UN to try and stop them. They delete GaoFighGar's Final Fusion program, but Taiga shows up in the nick of time, revealing that his trademark golf club secretly contains a flash drive with a backup copy. After that, Taiga rejoins GGG and leads the members who are exiled from Earth on their mission in the trinary star system.

He is apparently married (though it is not mentioned in the series or FINAL), and enjoys playing golf when not on duty as President or Chief. As such, he is handy with a golf club (the "Titanium-Head Driver" and later the "Taiga Wood" - even before then, his weapon as an ID5 agent was a golf club).