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A clone created by the real Mamoru Amami using the regeneration machine of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, he fought the Masters while the real Mamoru stole the Pas-Q Machine and escaped with it back to the Solar System. The clone was captured and reprogrammed by Palparepa, then sent to retrieve the Q-Parts, which broke and fell to Earth during Pia Decem's attack on Mamoru and Ikumi Kaidou.

During his mission, Repli-Mamoru used the friendship of the GGG members and Mobile Unit to his advantage at every turn, confusing Kaidou in their fight upon returning to Earth, tricking Mic Sounders the 13th into helping him steal the Q-Part possessed by GGG American Space Center, as well as manipulating the GGG crew to gain access to the Orbit Base to steal the last two Q-Parts. This continued during his escape attempt in Repli-GaiGar, making the GGG Braves drop their guard so he could escape capture. He was undone by Renais, who had no friendship with him, forcing him to Earth where Repli-Mamoru formed Repli-Star GaoGaiGar to battle Guy in GaoFighGar. Repli-Mamoru used Hell and Heaven to destroy the Goldion Hammer and badly damaged ChoRyuJin before being beaten by Guy's Hell and Heaven. Even after losing, Repli-Mamoru's friendship manipulating nearly let him kill Guy, but he himself was killed by Kaidou before he could succeed.

Repli-Mamoru is physically identical to Mamoru, the only visible difference is the blue glow he casts in Latio form instead of the real Mamoru's green, as well as his much paler appearance in human form. He possesses the same memories and desire to save the universe as the real Mamoru, but his purpose was twisted when changed by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. Even then his personality was similar, but Repli-Mamoru was willing to destroy and kill to accomplish his mission, blowing up the Chinese Scientific Aeronautics lab for one Q-Part and killing Papillon Noir while gaining the final two. He also has the same powers as Mamoru, but using the restored Pas-Q Machine he could also perform Fusion with Repli-Galeon, forming Repli-GaiGar and GaoGaiGar with full use of their abilities.

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