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Mic Sounders Boom Robo

Mic Sounders, Boom Robo mode.

NASA-built Super-AI robot, model number XCR-13 ("XCR" standing for

"Experimental Cosmo Robo"). Mic Sounders the 13th is a relatively small red and blue robot of extremely blocky construction, with a monitor for eyes that changes to express a wide range of emotions (for example, on occasion it has turned into an image of GaoGaiGar's face when Mic is feeling brave). He has no actual abilities or powers to speak of, short of riding around in an almost cartoonish yellow flying vehicle called Baribarien. Mic first appeared having escaped his containment unit, at which point he made his way to a Radi-robo (radio-controlled robot) competition that Mamoru Amami was participating in. During most of his first appearances, Mic was solely a comic relief character, often attempting to fly into a dangerous situation to assist GaoGaiGar only to be knocked far away with a cry of "Ohhh noooooooooooooo!"

Mic Sounders Cosmo Robo

Mic Sounders, Cosmo Robo Mode.

Eventually Mic gained the ability to transform into his true form; that of a tall blue and red robot seemingly designed after a rock-and-roll singer. This would only work on occasion at first - it was later revealed that, as Mic's mental patterns are based off of those of Stallion White, he would transform in order to save Swan White. While in this form, Baribarien transforms into a mobile stage (named Studio 7, an unsubtle homage to the producers of the series), which it does by simply flipping over while Mic transforms. While in this mode, Baribarien produces most of Mic's musical equipment, which consists of a flying V keytar known as Dazzling VV (GiraGiran VV, pronounced "double-vee") a pair of Thundering V microphones (DokaDokan V), and a Sparkling V roofie harmonica. Mic's combat abilities are entirely based on sound manipulation - the programs to do so are stored in the form of various Discs stored in his Studio 7. In addition to the general-purpose Disc M and Disc P, Mic has the dangerous Disc X and later the much more powerful Disc F. Mic would later head the Mic Force.

Mic sports a distinct accent in both of his forms. In his Cosmo Robo form, he adds "(Da)monne!" to the endings of most of his sentences, whereas in Boom Robo form he has a tendency to shout phrases equivalent to "It's awesome!"

On rare occassion, Mic has used Disc M without the disc itself. The most notable occassion of this was during Final 08, when he used London Bridge's suspension wires in place of his destroyed keytar to destroy the Master of Sol Percurio.


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