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Mikoto Utsugi (卯都木 命 Utsugi Mikoto?) is a major character in King of Braves GaoGaiGar and its sequel, King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL. Guy Shishioh's girlfriend and a GGG computer operator, Mikoto is responsible for launching the GaoMachines, activating the Final Fusion program and sending out equipment like the Dividing Driver. Mikoto is a crucial part of the activation process of the Goldion Hammer, doing the final "relieving" of its safety device.




Mikoto's parents died when EI-01 hit Tokyo. After she passed out in the aftermath, EI-01 implanted into her the spore of a new Zonder type, which slowly developed in her unbeknownst to her and everyone throughout the series. Near the end of the invasion of the 31 Machine Primevals, this spore began to awaken, causing Mikoto to suffer dizziness and blackouts. One month following the defeat of the Z-Master, the spore awoke, turning her into the New Machine Species Zonuda. She drained all of the power out of the GGG Orbit Base before being sealed in one half of Amaterasu by Guy. Taking control of the half of the vessel, Mikoto escaped to Earth and landed in Tokyo. She was soon followed by Guy and the Mobile Unit, whereupon the battle between Zonuda and GaoGaiGar began. After witnessing Mamoru Amami's sacrifice, Mikoto managed to weaken the indestructible Barrier System that had protected Zonuda, allowing GaoGaiGar to emerge victorious. Using a combination of his own and Mamoru's power, Guy managed to Purify Mikoto, transforming her into a Semi-Evoluder.

Mikoto would resume her position in GGG without further incident, only to be afflicted with Palparepa's mind-numbing Paras Particles. Unlike the others, however, she repaired her damaged nerve cells with her Semi-Evoluder abilities, and soon roused. After speaking with Papillon Noir, she traveled to the wreckage of GaoFighGar and encountered Mamoru, traveling with him to Mont Saint Michele to help Renais Kerdif-Shishioh and Soldato J-002 in their fight against Pia Decem, Pillnus and Palus Abel. She would soon enter Repli-GaoFighGar with Mamoru to assist in purifying Evoluder Guy. As a result of the battle raging outside, Repli-GaoFighGar was destroyed, with Mamoru, Guy and Mikoto escaping to the G-Crystal in one half of LinerGao II. Mikoto would be an observer to Guy's return with the resurrected Galeon, and executed the Genesic Drive program for the first and last time. Upon the formation of Genesic GaoGaiGar, Mikoto was struck by a Sol Wave and left in a comatose, near-death state. She communicated via the Limpid Channel from then on with Guy and Papillon. As with the rest of GGG, Mikoto's final fate is unknown. She returns in the novel The King of Kings ~GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman~ as a brainwashed Zonuda.


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