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(パリアッチョ pariaccho)

"Terminal" program of Heart Primeval (ZX-31). deployed by it to act as the Primevals' intelligence-gathering program and "field commander." Absorbs the remaining fragment of the Zonderian Pasder into herself when she arrives in Earth orbit, making her the recipient of his dormant program and all of his knowledge.

Takes the form of a hovering, doll-like female clown(Pagliaccio in fact means that in Italian) standing cruciform atop a balancing ball, which can open and hold her collapsed humanoid form for high-speed travel. Speaks in a cold, droning monotone with barely noticeable traces of emotion.

She is "retrieved" by the core of Heart Primeval upon GGG's arrival at Jupiter, in preparation for Z-Master Fusion. Ultimately becomes part of the Z-Master itself.

She is never directly identified (or even noticed) by any entity other than the Primevals themselves (who pay little attention to her outside of her orders).