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Palparepa PLUS

Result of combination between the Master of Sol Palparepa and a gigantic object resembling a molecule through Chemical Fusion. GaoGaiGar's counterpart in the Sol Masters. PLUS bears a snake head on its chest, which is capable of opening to spray a purple restraining ooze called Poison Aura. Its primary attacks, however, derive from its reconfigurable arms (capable of shattering into atoms and reforming into dentist's drills or a white energy sword). It also possesses six gigantic syringes, called Doping Cylinders, mounted on its back, which can detach for independent attack. Alternately, the six can layer over Palparepa's hands in sequence to form the potent God and Devil weapon, or inject their contents into the mechanoid itself. Doing so causes it to evolve into Palparepa Prajna, changing its form and increasing its power.

Palparepa appears to control the mechanoid in an identical manner to that by which Guy controls GaoGaiGar, from a chamber of light within the Loud G-Stone on the right side of the mechanoid's head.

PLUS is roughly on par with GaoFighGar in all respects, but is of no use whatsoever against the vastly superior Genesic GaoGaiGar. Possibly the life saving doctor appearance is to counter Genesic's as God of Destruction.