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Palus Abel.

Program made in the image of the Red Planet's leader, Abel; possibly named for the Solar System's own Red Planet, Mars. Ikumi Kaidou's counterpart in the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. Assumes an active command and leadership role with regard to the other Masters of Sol. Usually seen aboard Pia Decem PIT, accompanied by Pillnus.

Has telekinetic powers of flight and shielding similar to that of Pei La Cain, Arma and Latio. Also bears a number of expanding energy weapons, revealed only when her cloak is spread.

Is childish in nature, bearing a child's cruelty; seems to treat the 11 Masters' fight against GGG as a game.

The only one of the Soul Masters to not be killed directly by GGG at any point, and the only one not replicated multiple times by Pisa Sol. Faded away with the destruction of Pisa Sol.