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Papillon Noir.

A woman from the Amazon jungles who joined GGG shortly after Mamoru left Earth. Was first introduced in a Betterman audio drama, she is the daughter of Laurier Noir. Papillon performed many experiments with hallucinogenic compounds while studying as a graduate student, in a successful attempt to gain the mysterious "Sensing Mind" ability. This power is not clearly explained, but it seems to provide her with instinctual knowledge of events happening elsewhere (even across universes) and even the future. She developed a relationship with Kosuke Entouji during her time at GGG, and is often seen brushing his hair. She claims that if she does not do this, it could end up like Geki Hyuuma's (though this was likely just a jab at the latter's bizarre haircut).

Papillon died while confronting Repli-Mamoru, merely an instant after the Pas-Q Machine underwent a misfire that duplicated herself and everything else in the Tri-Solar System. Her death affected Entouji greatly - he grieved nonstop until meeting the Repli-Jin of her formed by the misfire.