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EI-01 Sketch

(パスダー pasudaa) "Terminal" program of Heart Primeval, sent to invade Earth, bringing four other non-terminal Zonderians with him to aid in accomplishing this task. The first Extraterrestrial Intelligence to arrive on Earth, Authorization Number One: the Zonderian Pasder fell to Earth in 2003. During orbital entry, he struck a shuttle carrying Guy Shishioh, which eventually led to the latter's transformation into a cyborg. Struck down from a preemptive orbital attack by Galeon, EI-01 would fall on the city of Yokohama, Japan. The initial impact on Mikoto Utsugi's residence would cause a fire within which her parents were killed, the Utsugi residence was destroyed, and Utsugi herself fell unconscious—during which time Pasder introduced a dormant, experimental Zonder organism into her biology.

Pasder would then travel underground to the East—absorbing many types of machinery in the process—and evade detection to situate itself beneath Tokyo Tower. There he would create a small Zonder Metal Plant within his body, commanding the Four Machine Kings to implant the resulting Zonder Metal into human subjects exhibiting stressful emotion—the most ideal condition in which the metal could mature. Should one Zonder Robo mature sufficiently, it could be used to create a full-sized Zonder Metal Plant and fulfill the Zonderian goal of total Earth mechanization.

Upon defeat of the Four Machine Kings by GGG in 2005, the original form of EI-01 fully re-emerged from beneath Tokyo. This form bore a strong resemblance to Satan, as commented by Swan White during the battle. EI-01 could fire reflecting beams of energy that were later used to create TenRyuJin's "Hikari to Yami no Mai", using all of the computers in Tokyo to calculate the angles and all of the aluminum as reflecting chaff, and had a Barrier System whose strength was at the time unmatched. He drew in all of the city's electrical power in an attempt to return to space, but was destroyed by GaoGaiGar and the Strongest Brave Robot Corps under the influence of Projectile-X, using the broken fragment of Cyborg Guy's Will Knife to locate his core.

Following his defeat by GGG, a fragment carrying his program survived to reach orbit, his core absorbed by Pagliaccio to provide the 31 Machine Primevals with intelligence on GGG's combat capacity. Pasder would ultimately return as part of the Z-Master itself when Pagliaccio was "retrieved" by Heart Primeval.

Appears on flat surfaces (usually the interior of the EI-01 vessel beneath Tokyo Tower) as a gruesome-seeming, ever-contorting face made of wires and circuitry, with lights for eyes.