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Pei La Cain.

Possibly named for the Earth, Terra/Gaia. Latio's counterpart in the Soul Masters. Program made in the image of "the Green Planet's Protector:" Mamoru's father, Cain. Has telekinetic abilities similar in strength to Latio/Mamoru, including the "Two Powers into One" technique. Pei La Cain is only differentiable from the true Cain by the inversion of the G-Stone symbol on his forehead, as well as in the background when he performs Two Powers into One.

Possesses at least as much knowledge as the man he was based upon, as he oversaw the successful reprogramming of Repli-Galeon. However, much unlike Cain, his personality seems bereft of any sincere kindness.

He can apparently amplify the output of another Master's Loud G-Stone with his presence, as seen in Palparepa's fight with Evoluder Guy in Palparepa PLUS. When Palparepa performed the God and Devil attack against GaoFighGar, he was unable to overpower Hell and Heaven until he flew to Palparepa PLUS's shoulder and revealed himself, after which an inverted G-Stone symbol appeared on PLUS's Loud G-Stone and Palparepa quickly destroyed GaoFighGar with God and Devil.

Similar to Cain, he is capable of performing Fusion with Galeon, and attempted to do so at one point; this attempt failed when it was revealed that Galeon knew to recognize Evoluder Guy as the "true hero."

Destroyed in Repli-Earth orbit in combat with Mamoru Amami, who reflected his own attack back on him using Purification. Several dozen replicas of Pei La Cain were soon created by Pisa Sol, which overwhelmed Mamoru easily. They soon attempted to stop Genesic GaoGaiGar from reaching Pisa Sol with the Goldion Crusher, but failed due to the intervention of Tomoro 0117, who used all but two of J-Ark's remaining ES Missiles to open a massive ES Window for Genesic. All of the replicas faded away with the destruction of Pisa Sol.