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Pia Decem's J-Ark-like aircraft carrier. J-Ark's counterpart in the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, it does not appear to have a computer core previously installed, though it later uses Ikumi Kaidou for this purpose. Pia Decem controls PIT via the use of a pair of long, curved sticks shaped to fit his hands, and it is also equipped with a chair in which Palus Abel normally sits. A section of PIT is designed in a manner similar to the J-Bird, as seen during the Giga Fusion sequence - if examined closely, there are distinct legs on this portion, indicating that it is capable of transformation into a J-Der-equivalent form. However, it does not do this at any point, instead immediately transforming into Pia Decem PEAK to combat King J-Der. True to its carrier's design, it carries with it three types of Fighters, blue Maser Fighters, yellow Anti-Meson Fighters, and red ES Fighters. It also has Generating Armor ability similiar to J-Ark.