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Pinchernone (ペンチノン penchinon?) is the Zonderian form of Tomoro 0117, the main computer of the J-Ark assigned to Soldato J (002). During the battle for the Red Planet, he was infected with Zonder Metal. Pinchernone would later hunt down Soldato J to ensure his own Zonderian conversion.

Following the Red Planet's mechanization, he served the Zonderian Pasder as one of the Four Machine Kings. Most of the Zonders he aided in creating were seaborne or maritime-themed, though several were also themed in childish and immature ways.

He took the form of a small boat-shaped creature with a single yellow eye (this "eye" actually being Tomoro 0117's original form). His "disguised" "human" form was that of a short, purple-faced sailor with one huge yellow eye and another similarly oversized bug-eye with a picture of an anchor, who was always grinning and sitting on something. (He resembles the Laughing Salesman to an extent.) He maintained Tomoro's original crisp, high-pitched monotone as a voice, but his transformation to Zonderian form gained him a screeching, teeth-chattering laugh.

Pinchernone was possessed of a childish personality, and harbored a vicious grudge against Volfogg following repeated defeats at his hand. During the final battle between the Four Machine Kings and GGG in Tokyo, Pinchernone drew Volfogg into the city's sewer system in an effort to attack him directly—having fused with a frigate to form the Zonderian Robo EI-27. Volfogg countered by getting Entouji to launch the Multidimensional Intelligence Submarine in a drastic suicide attack, leaving Pinchernone in a crippled and immobile state.

When the Arma assigned to Soldato J (who had since been found on Earth and adopted, having been given the name Ikumi Kaidou) had his memory restored prior to the re-emergence of EI-01, he sought out and performed Purification on Pinchernone, restoring Tomoro 0117's original program.